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Discussion in 'Photographs' started by Nadine Vanderpoorten, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone
    not so long ago, i was watching a documentary about the Bell witch, at some point, my screen of my laptop acted weird again, I add the vid which one it was, I was watching.When I rewatch vid, or played back, screen was normal, so something was definitely messing with my screen, this is second time it happend, now it was much worse.
    First time was when Tim did his last live stream on his appartment.
    Here are the pictures I took with my mobile Phone, then put them on my laptop.
    I got more pictures like this, I tried to take as many as I could, my laptop is fine and my screen too.

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  2. I was watching this vid, it started at 12:03 time stamp.

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