Paranormal experenses i had over the years

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    I left you a comment on your yb channel
  2. Gonna post post some links of the things that I have experienced
  3. This is more of a vision I saw as I went into a deep meditation back in 2012-13
  4. This was such a F#@! Up dream I hate gore so I don't understand why I had this dream was an attack,a vision of a past murderer? I don't know it's not like I think of this everyday especially this day of the dream so this was soo creepy that I had this
  5. Another one this was one THE strongest sleep paralysis I had over the years I actually thought I was going to die I had just moved back in with my parents
    Till this day this one creeps me out
  6. This was just random I was just trying out my new camera and I captured something I didn't expect
  7. This one is something I never thought I'd think I could find a way to prove to my self that I'm not crazy that these dreams ever since I was a little girl were actually premonitions of things to come this was my first gift in my life my mom told me to not fear it that it was a gift from God even though she sometimes fear them herself a I thought why not start recording my dreams as well I already write them in a journal I have and been doing so ever since I was little it was a way to keep my mind sane to prove to my self yeah you saw this coming
    Any way this video kinda creeps me out this dream was just before the Boston bombing the similarities like the running and the bright green color shirts and the brick wall buildings is heart breaking for me to see so much and feel so helpless not knowing what dream may come true and I can't help that person or people this why I go months even years just ignoring these ability to see I don't like the feeling of helpless and crazy to find a place to let this out my chest and not feel judged is comforting

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