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  1. Zoran

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    hello guys
    So lets get straight to it 3 weeks back i tried using ouija board alone.I was trying to contact my old friends who died from heart attack we talked for a while but as things went i asked questions whic he would only knew and that spirit or whatever it was,was lying.Last week i wanted to try it again so i summond spirit of of somone famous that was killed not to while ago at first all was noramal it seemed like im talking to her then all of a suden tha planchete started moving in infinity motion then i asked again am i talking to her it and it spelled ZOZOZOZO so i imedietly sead goodbye and spirit did aswell or whatever it was.Havent touched the borad since then.from then a i feel that im constantly watched,thru the day i feel like something is touching me, and at some nights i wake up at 3:00am, feeling that something is near me.
    sry for my english.
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    Hey Zoran is the Ouija Board still in the house? If so I would remove it immediately. Also I would not use the board again..did you close the session down properly?
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  3. Zoran

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    Yes its still the house and yea i closed it properly the spirit itself sead goodbye
    Yea it is and yes i did the spirit itself sead goodbye.
    What should i do with it? burn it or just throw it away its homemade.
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    This may be a theory but I believe that when you used the board you created a door way or veil so to speak. Although you closed it the veil is still pretty thin. So they or it can still see you and is probably searching for any kind of opportunity to come through. I would look online for ways to properly dispose or seal the board then find a new age shop asap. Sage, bless, salt what ever you can get your hands on to reinforce that veil. You sound nervous and although this is easier said then done please control your fear. Its believe that fear is the easiest thing for negative energy to feed upon. And this is the most important piece of advice. Please , no matter how tempted you are do not use the board again. Trust me you will be tempted .
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