Ouija Board Alone in Haunted Apartment 21/03/2017

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by Nadine Vanderpoorten, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone
    was able to make one screenshot, the Original one from my mobile Phone, the improoved image of it, I posted it on the fanpage on LSF FB, on Twitter. Here are the two links with reactions from the FB group:

    The first picture Time Stamp 47:06 it starts, that the spirit or demon tries to manifest from his right side from where the table is behind him, around the top corner wall of the table, it's vague, it tries.

    When I saw it, I just grabbed my mobile Phone fast, went on page on FB, cos that is the only available app I can have on my mobile Phone and posted it in the moment. Hoping it would show what I saw, can Always be it doesn't.
    Then some time later, after I posted it on FB, twitter, something strange happend to my screen, I had intuitive feeling it was trying to get threw to screen to show itself or to say back off! Cos I took it's picture.
    I rewatched around same time, the effect on the screen does not happen in the recorded stream. I just felt I had to take a picture of it too as proof. I also made an improoved image of it, just changing the lighting, then u see it better.
    It was only on the top part of my laptop, it was like when u have no screen, just snow or u try to get an image on a tv, all kind of colors. I never had this problem with my screen, I take well care of my laptop. My laptop is fine.
    I took Tim in whole on picture, to show it was appearing on his right side.
  2. I see a female draconian in a white dress, then a male behind it on his right side then on other side the skull face, of the picture I took when my screen was acting weird, and made of same picture the improoved image, just changing the lighting. This can proof aliens are demons.

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