Old mental hospital norway

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by Phillip Pedersen, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Phillip Pedersen

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    Hi! I visited an old mental hospital in Norway. And snapped a few photos of the buildings this is what i came up with. Top left window.

    Too me it sure looks like a person is standing there, and i can confirm that me and my friends ( That stood beside me) was the only people that was near that building cause we are not allowed on the sight and we also went inside the building right after the photo was taken.

    Any one that can help me clear up this photo to see whats really there?

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  2. tim_livescifi

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    the picture is really dark, I tried to lighten it up but not sure what i am supposed to be looking at..
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  3. Weeping Sparrow

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    I cropped it to what I saw, and played with the colors, it looks like there's something there along with a rainbow effect next to the figure.

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  4. Butt Pirate

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    The first thing that I noticed after looking at that picture was this:
  5. Margot

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    Sorry, I dont see much

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