Old Catholic Monastery in Brazil

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    Name: Caraça (with C cedill)
    Location: Minas Gerais (state), Brazil

    An awe- inspiring place in Minas Gerais, Brazil, is the Parque Nacional do Caraça. In this park you can find the Caraça Monastery, which is a gotic style, and it was built from 1774 to 1779 for Lourenço, a monk who came from Portugal because of the local gold. The name of Caraça was given by the first explorers, who arrived in the 16th century.

    In 1820 the Sanctuary opened its doors to many students and created the Seminary school of Caraça.

    In 1968 the student quarters, the theater and the library were destroyed by fire, forcing the school to close. The lofty church contains works of art such as the Holy Supper by Master Ataide, and an organ with 700 pipes and 700 notes. Under the church we can find the vaults from priests, monks, bishops, buried there.

    Nowadays the place brings tourists from everywhere in Brazil and the world. Caraça Sanctuary is located at 1300 meters higher and an average temperature of 15celsius.



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    wow uf that looks so beautiful ...love the pictures...when is summer over there?
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    Tim dont u know Brazil?

    Here we have an EVER summer... :mrgreen:

    But the monastery is located in a high land, so the temperature is colder than normal.

    So when are u thinking to come here?!

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    That would be one hell of a cool trip.
  5. ufmg99

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    you bet!!!!

    Thats a wonderfull place... :wink:

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