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Discussion in 'Chat Issues' started by horseshoehank, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. horseshoehank

    horseshoehank Residual

    the chatbox says invalid username or password.......and this is the backup......are we going back to the other chat?

  2. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    I only have that issue now if I try to login with the low bandwith option
  3. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    i am currently working on the chat, it shall be fixed soon. [-o<
  4. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    I kind of like the old chat is that you can resize it and move it around on the page.
  5. mssusie25

    mssusie25 Residual

    um well i guess i will be in the ustream chat, if anybody sees this and wants to join me. WELLL COMMMEEEE OOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!! lol maybe it will be fixed soon
  6. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Hmmmm. This is not good.
  7. putty_tat007

    putty_tat007 Ghost

    :shock: Oh ok good I thought I was banned for being a potty mouf. :D

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