Not sure if anyone has heard this before

Discussion in 'Electronic Voice Phenomena and ITC' started by Bodhi, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Bodhi

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  2. Wow!

    That is the most creepiest thing I have ever heard. Knowing it wasn't any of the investigators or anyone else. That is one INTENSE E.V.P. :shock:
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  3. GloomySiren

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    Hey Robin, yep heard it before. Strangely enough the group that recorded it was also featured on that show 'A Haunting'. The investigator, a retired cop, brought her son with her to a routine session in a graveyard one night while he was still a teenager, and he became posessed.

    Although, the EVP sounds horrific? I can get the same tone, and sound by leaving my cell phone on with an open line all day. Since this thing circulated, I have begun to think of it as an urban legend.
  4. Sensitive1

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    When that door starts to sounds like a screaming woman.
    Sheeeeeeeesh, had me going for a couple seconds.
  5. L.Gaunder

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    I question it because as Tim knows if you upload a sound file into a proggie you can manipulate the sounds. So what sounds freaky is probably just normal sounds.

    Personally doing EVP's for a year now I have never caught anything other then voices and a few odd sounds. Nothing like that tho. And never heard spiirts carry on covo's like that unless thats the ppl recording it *shrug* if it is ppl you can hear their voices are distorted.
  6. Bodhi

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    Good point LG I’m by far no expert but I find it pretty hard to trust unless you are there or know & trust the people well enough.. I mean who’s to say who was really there at the time of the recording!!
    I still found it freaky though when I first heard it... so glad to hear others views on this!! Helps me make up my indecisive mind hehehe...
  7. GloomySiren

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    Bohdi- When I first heard it I couldn't listen to the whole thing ? REALLY gave me the creeps- then one day I heard a similar noise coming from my home office, I got really nervous, so I snuck in only to find I had left my phone line open, and the person on the other side was having a conversation waiting for me to pick up.

    After that I went back and played it again thinking it was ok? Nope, still couldn't listen to the whole thing. :?
  8. Bodhi

    Bodhi Residual

    I bet you were relieved to find it was your phone!!! Think I would have freaked!! lol
  9. master_T

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    thanks for posting bk creepy stuff. :)

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