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Discussion in 'Paranormal Experiences' started by TehSalade, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. TehSalade

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    I do have this thing where I tend to tune everything out, and zone on one area. I could walk around, turn my head slightly, my eyes will stay on that one spot. I had my forearms laying against my thighs. Sitting calmly, then randomly I felt something on my arms. I could raise them a little with force, but they would fall back down. I had a hard time speaking of first. I said "Let go" It was the same, and I was able to say "Let go NOW" and the pressure went away and was able to lift them back up again, and even flapped my arms to prove to myself that I could.

    I was trying some exercises to open myself a little, and that happened. But I haven't had that feeling in a while, for about 5 years.
  2. Kristin

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  3. TehSalade

    TehSalade Residual

    Hm.... sleep paralysis while awake, ill have to check that out. Thanks Kristin
  4. TehSalade

    TehSalade Residual

    Hm...I am seeing nothing about Sleep Paralysis while awake and doing something, It led to looking up Narcolepsy, which I'm pretty sure I don't have. But hey, what does a sleep study hurt anyway?
  5. Alfred

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    To me
    To me, it sounds like something was already there um... Meaning um I think it was a demon of some sort um that was either scoping you out or just hanging around. It was testing to see if it could more or less take advantage of you like most demons. So, I'm glad you showed it that it doesn't have any power over you and, I think you were a little afraid but more determined to scare away whatever it was. Actually, sleep paralysis in my opinion can occur when you're awake. Um staring or entering a state of any type of unconscious can easily attract negative things. So, Krsitin I believe was right.

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