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Discussion in 'ask, the team???' started by Shan, May 3, 2018.

  1. Shan

    Shan Residual

    Hi Tim, I've just started watching your videos lately and I can't help myself I have to tell you something about the Welles house. First off the Demon there calls himself "The Bishop", second maybe the reason why activity pick up with Jewish provocation is Jesus said that was the synagogue of Satan (not to offend anyone, I'm just stating the bible please don't hate me!) so if that's true, I would assume it would just excited the energy there. I can and do see things and can read ppl and houses. I can tell you more but I know it's old news by now. Also did you buy that house and what did you do with it? Just curious. Thank you so much look forward to hearing from you

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