New Chat room and why your Nickname doesn't show up!

Discussion in 'Chat Issues' started by L.Gaunder, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    Please go to and Register then Login to see your Nickname. You will have to use that page and not the main page with the Cams if you want to chat under your Nickname.

    Hope that helps you out
  2. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Well, that sucks. I'm sure Timmy can get it all straightened out for us.
  3. ufmg99

    ufmg99 Residual

    I hope the new chat will be connected to the LiveScifi main page soon as possible... :wink:
  4. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    Actually I found it pretty easy lastnight. I had the chartroom on one browser (seamonkey) and one on the Cam on another (IE) and made the cam one just big enough to see. Then placed them side by side. That could be an option for ppl till tim works out the kinks.
  5. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    It's a workaround.

    I have two FF pages opened. One for the chat and the other for the cams. Same difference.

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