Need some advice for a dark entity that is following me

Discussion in 'Paranormal Experiences' started by Sarahmtay, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Sarahmtay

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    Hey there! I'll see if I can get my hands on some, my parents are not 100% there with me unfortunately. I'll talk with them again on the topic!
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  2. Sarahmtay

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    That sounds interesting! Kind of like the ball of white light that sometimes people in vision around them. I'll be sure to try that this evening!!
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  3. Cassyemery

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    Yes! Kind of like that lol I actually read the technician on a Wiccan empaths site and it has worked well so
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    Well, first off, hi, I'm Alfred. Entities are not human and they've never been before. They come as a form of something hideous resembling something very unattractive. What entity you are dealing with I think is dangerous but, it's something of lower rank I think. However, I think you can dispel of it through certain protection prayers, sage, crystals, certain meditations for protection only, calling arch angel Michael. I think you are dealing with not an attachment but, something that could have leaked through a loop while watching live shows. You seem like you an open mind and uncontrollable sensitivity to spirits. Also, I think you have fear of something and that is what attracted this entity. Do not fear it nor do not talk with it. I think your focus should be on getting rid of it not trying to see what it wants. It wants destruction of your soul and people close to you. I think it was sent to gather and to find food for the higher ranking demons. Your body such as your ears, mouth, are gateways and, it will use all it can to possess you. Please be extra careful with meditation if you do it because you be unconscious in deep meditation. Imagine a white light protecting you while meditating and imagine arch angel Michael there with you and ask him to remove the negative entity from you and everything else it's trying to attach to and send it back where it came from.
  5. Hey Blazikenblade! Usually, the auras are a greenish or yellow color around objects, and the entity is black or red. I typically don't have voices, but I get images. For example, I was in a fight with my mom, and he showed me that he was standing behind me with his arm draped across my chest, and I got very cold.

    I first encountered him while I was in a mental hospital, along with many other shadow figures, so I would not be able to go back there. I set some rules down already, and he's abided by them for the most part. Now that I'm less frightened, he has calmed down a bunch!

    If you're not able to control the situation by not letting the entity to control u mentally, sage oil applied to the skin should help for those unsettling & it tries to possess you. That's good that the respect my rules trick works on it. If its still around, a crystal necklace pendant can help. To find what it cant handle is to see how it reacts when you go to a jewellery store if its still attached to you. I'm glad it has seriously stopped attacking & realising that maybe you are not its target to approach. In hospital most entities try to attach so they can leave and explore & feed.
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