Need some advice for a dark entity that is following me

Discussion in 'Paranormal Experiences' started by Sarahmtay, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Sarahmtay

    Sarahmtay Residual

    Hey there! I'm an empath and I have a huge problem rising in my house. I have been having problems with shadow people and another entity that has somehow attached to me. This guy is mean! He's been making me unpredictable and violent, and making me think about hurting myself and other people. I sat down and tried to talk to him. It was really heavy and I started getting my visions where I see the energy around things, and I almost blacked out. I immediately made it clear that he is not allowed to harm me or my family. I went to the bathroom to put some cold water on my face to try to get energy back. I looked at myself in the mirror and my pupils were dialated, which was a little concerning... Looked kind of like Tim's when he does a Ganzfield session. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. TankGirl

    TankGirl Ghost

    Hug girl, I just went through the same thing with a nasty shadow man (solid pitch black entity) I had to stay hard on it and was burning cedar and sage and lining every room with salt 3x a week and finally have gotten things to quiet down for now (fingers crossed)
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  3. Sarahmtay

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    My good friend of mine got a really good glimpse at him through the cracks in the door, she's even more sensitive than I am and she said he's some sort of Djinn. I have drawn him more than once he has large horns and a red face, very animalistic. The thing is that my parents can't really pick up on the energy that's going on, so I wouldn't be able to burn any sage or lavender. :( Which will be difficult if this gets even more out of hand.
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  4. Celestial Chloe

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    I feel your pain girl :( as a fellow empath I'm currently having a woman that pulls horrible faces at me, I'm just keeping my crystals close, I hope things have gotten better for you love <3
  5. Sarahmtay

    Sarahmtay Residual

    I have amethyst on me most of the time now, and it's quieted down quite a bit. I just redid the salt lines in my room last night. My parents wouldn't be pleased to find salt all over the house, so i've kept it as minimal as possible.

    I've also discovered something from my childhood. I used to become really violent when I was 3-4 years old (I think) and I got the "black eyes phenomenon," and as my mother described me as not myself. Which is interesting, but a little too close for comfort!
  6. tim_livescifi

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    I would really recommend on doing a clearing and work on getting your house sealed so that it will make it less vulnerable to negative energies. Do you do any grounding work?
  7. Sarahmtay

    Sarahmtay Residual

    Hey Tim! Thanks for replying! Can you explain what that is? I'm open to suggestions, but my family are not believers in the paranormal, so it's just me :(

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