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    Hi guys,
    I experienced many paranormal activities in my life so far but never really questioned it and never digged into the paranormal so my knowledge is VERY limited and I have no clue about what to think about the stuff that's happening right now.
    But before I start, sorry if this is going to be a long text and sorry if my English is a bit messed up (since it's not my native language).

    Since a few days, I have strange events occurring in my apartment. I have the constant feeling of being watched, especially at night. It's a very weird atmosphere in here, sometimes there are cold spots in the apartment that I can't explain and sometimes the feeling of being touched by something that's not here.
    I have lots of nightmares and yesterday night one nightmare really got me. It was really short and in my dream I looked out of the window and saw a black human-shaped figure with a hat and two small white glowing eyes (or holes? since it was daytime outside) staring at me for only a few seconds, I stared back and then it jumped towards me and I woke up choking and in panic. I felt extremely depressed and full of anger all day after this nightmare with the "hat man". Later that day, I experienced a horrible smell in my apartment. It smelled like something died and I couldn't find the source.
    At this point, I probably have to mention that I will move apartments in a few days and that the smell came from my kitchen which is completely empty already for like 1-2 weeks and there is no trash can, no stove, no sink, no nothing anymore. The sewer in the wall is sealed, I checked it. After 1 hour, the smell suddenly disappeared as fast as it came.
    I have two cats who live here with me and also, since a few days, they are behaving very weird and unusual. They're "seeing" something or at least watching something very often that I can't see and both cats seem scared of it. One cat sometimes starts to growl at "it" and the other cat is just scared, runs around a lot, constantly is meowing and very, very needy for my company. It's like she tries to be "protected" by me. I had both cats at the vet because first I thought it's maybe them being sick or having pain and this causing the growling, meowing and the weird behavior but both cats are in perfect health.
    Today was better than yesterday, even though I still feel very depressed and kind of "empty". But this morning I saw the "hat man" again, but not while I was asleep but when I was already awake for a bit. He was standing in my bedroom and I thought that my mind is playing tricks on me until I realized that my cats see that too. But again, after a few seconds, he just disappeared.

    I never experienced any paranormal stuff in this apartment (lived here almost 3 years) but I experienced a lot during my childhood ever since I can think. It got less the older I got and it especially got a lot less after my mom and I moved out at my dads house and the farther I got away from that, the less it got. But it always came back at least a bit as soon as I kind of digged into my past (my past related to my father-side family and this house and this town), like looking at a picture of my grandma or even just googeling pictures of that area. Sometimes I just feel the odd urge to do so. But every time I did so, I never experienced anything so extreme like I do now. Only when I was a kid living in my dads house, I experienced worse but never thought it's paranormal because my parents told me I'm insane. I googled my issues and by coincidence came across information on the paranormal and it all seems like puzzle pieces that fit together, that's why I'm here.
    I just can't come up why this happens and why it happens now.

    What is this? Is it some positive or negative spirit? A neutral one? Multiple ones? Why does it come now? How can I find out all that stuff? And how do I get rid of it in case it's a negative spirit? Or will I get rid of it when I will move soon? Or does stuff like that follow people?
    I am very confused and clueless right now, especially about what to do now.

    I am thankful for any advice, comments or thought on my issue. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Its a definitely negative, if it was neutral or positive it wouldnt have harmed you. Its a shadow person;
    Now since it wears a hat it could be the urban myth reaper? Have u got any medical conditions that could be close coming to life ending or even pissed somebody off (in real life or internet or even unintentionally in the past) Also what part of the world are u in?

    Things you should do if in the usa: Sage burn (aka smoke the place out before you leave) when you get to your new place, salt (Himalayan/table salt) line your windows & doorways & definitely salt your bedroom area. Sage burn (smoke) once you get settled. Also sleep with the lights on for 3 nites.

    Please post, what the results are.
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    Hi Blazikenblade, thanks for your reply! I will try this when I move.
    I am a lady in her late 20s and as far as I know I'm in a good health state, nothing wrong with me. Even though that I had unusually many accidents during the past year but nothing really threatening (no hospital stays) and I blamed bad luck and clumsiness. I live in Germany.
    As far as I know I didn't make anyone angry. I didn't had much contact to people lately because I was busy with university stuff that I now finally almost finished. Also in the past, I don't really think I made someone seriously mad or so, at least not as far as I know. Somehow I feel a bit like these current events are related to what I experienced in early childhood because it gives me such a similar feeling that I can't really describe. I didn't always had that certain kind of feeling when experiencing paranormal activity.
    What just still leaves me clueless is what that exactly is and why it comes to me now and why this intense.
    Somehow I'm tempted to dig into methods of communicating with whatever this is but at the same time I'm very scared to try it because I don't want to make shit worse. Especially because I'm new to all this and I don't know much and I don't want to mess stuff up even more. At least today was quite alright, except for weird cold spots (that even the landlord felt who visited today, he now thinks the windows are getting old... but it#s not, I also already thought that and tried to place candles to see air movement) and still the feeling of being watched, nothing happened so far.
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    Quick update: Whatever it is that is here, I think I made it mad by trying to get rid of it.
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  5. what did it do to u exactly to make u feel that way? I hope you are ok.

    This is making me think it could be a reaper or; just a shadow person given the task to watch over u (if part of a legion or summoned).

    Talk to someone in your local area who's a priest to discuss this in detail. Ask them to visit & cleanse your new place & the old one.

    Salt line your bedroom entrances & the windows. Also make a written rules on a piece of paper & read them out loud.

    1. I didn't grant you permission to harm me or to make use of my energy without my permission.
    2. If you do wish to communicate with me, let me do it on my terms.
    3. If you want me to help you, you must not hurt me or others.
    4. (this is optional) If you need help moving on, there will be someone to help you.
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    Yes I'm ok.
    When I started to google on where to buy stuff to burn sage, things got worse in my old apartment, giving me the feeling that whatever it is that I got there, it got mad. Not talking about the actual burning process.

    But by now I am in my new apartment and I can't tell if this "thing" followed me because I don't know yet which noises etc. I still have the strong feeling of being watched, still feel cold spots etc but I want to make sure it's nothing that's logically explainable before I start calling it paranormal.
    Thank you for your helpful advice, I will continue doing that, just to be sure.
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