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    Strange objects and mysterious facts are around the world. I'll show you four examples...

    Bullet hole

    Scientists found a human head bone with a bullet hole (they proved that the hole isnt natural or made by any accute shaped stuff). But it could be understandable in our days. The problem is the head bone has about 10 thousand years!!!


    Ancient battery

    This curious object was found in Iraq and scientists discovered that it is similar to ours betteries. The same structure. The question is, how could they did a battery from 1600 years in the past?



    A boot footstep?

    The archeologist William Meister found in 1968, in Utah (USA), a human's boot (or sandal) footstep fossil. The fossil is kinda smashing a trilobite (extinct arthropods that form the class Trilobita). So they have the same age. And the trilobite is extincted for about 250 million years!


    Mexican mystery: Virgin of Guadalupe

    The history says in the XVI Century, in Mexico, an indian named Quauhtlatoatzin was walking through a open camp and met Virgin Mary. She said to him to talk to the local bishop to make a church for her. The indian talked to the bishop who didnt believe him and asked for proof. So the Virgin made some flowers grow in a desertic highland. The indian toke some flowers inside a simple bag (named tilma, made with cactus fibres) and brought it to the bishop.

    Whe the indian opened the bag, a picture of Virgin Mary appeared instantly (as a polaroid photo for us). Thats as considered a miracle, so. Scientists studied the image and found these things:

    - The painting cant be reproduced today, cause its impossible to know how it was made, what material;
    - The painting proportion is extremely accurate, made with math/geometry proportions;
    - The stars, the sky painted is the same from the date of the image appearance;
    - And the most amazing fact: When they used a magnify system to see the Virgin eyes, they found the reflection of the people that were inside the room, looking to the bag, at the exacty moment of the appearance! The size of the reflection in her eyes is measured in microns, impossible to be painted in that age.


    Lef eye (a spanish guy):

    Right eye (all witnesses from the appearance, from left to right we can see "the Indian", "bishop Zumarraga", the "translator", "Juan Diego showing the tilma" and below "the family):
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