My Paranormal Experiences Growing Up

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    Age 3-12, I experienced a white being running around the back yard. Around the height of six feet. My dog Bear would always react to it and growl.

    Age 8, my grandmother passed away, and I had my first vision of the past, hearing children run around and a Pilgrim woman shaking her head laughing while churning butter.

    Age 10, it was the Day after mothers day, cause I had gotten a perm with my mother. I woke up at 4:28 AM, and saw someone standing over my bed. She was short, and her hair was curly I couldn't tell if she was a child, or a small woman. I looked at the clock, and rolled back over to go back to sleep. The next night, I woke at the same time again, This time I stood on top of my bed, leaned forward and grabbed onto the door handle to turn the light on. I was looking down up until the light came on. The figure reached out for my leg. Not sure if to pull me off or to steady me to keep me from falling. I felt something on my leg, and it disappeared as soon as the light came on. I started sleeping in the Livingroom on the chair, and I looked up one night, and I saw a dog fall through the ceiling, whining from above me. I decided that I would rather deal with the woman in my room, than the dog.

    Age 12. I Had a vision that caused me to have my first anxiety attack. I was being lowered by a box into the ground, and money was being thrown down to bury me. A Month later, my grandfather passes away and my uncles were fighting over his belongings as to who would get stuff and what to sell back to other family members.

    Age 13-19 Around that time, I had moved, and a lot more had started to happen. While in one room, I would hear my name being screamed out at night. Something yelling at me to wake up. I would see a face rush towards mine. While being on the computer at night, I would hear scratches on the walls. My dog Angel being a light sleeper would jump up from bed a lot standing at attention looking at the door way. I had a recording on an aunts recorder, I asked "What is your name" and I got what sounded like "Thirteen Thousand" Which to others, they thought it sounded like Susan at the end, but I don't have the recorder anymore. I would walk a couple of miles, and half a mile would feel as if there was a small hand in mine. I would have dreams of me getting my head slammed off of lockers in school, and they would happen promptly the next day as well.

    One time my nephew, 5 at the time just left. Suddenly I would hear "Aunt Steph?" It sounded just like him, and I went "Yes?" I heard nothing to follow so I continued doing dishes. I heard a couple of foot steps. "Aunt Stephy?" "Yes?" Again nothing. "Steeeeeph? Where's Mommy?" I heard this sighing and dried my hands. "She's outside waiting for you..." I looked up to where I heard the voice, and nothing was there. I looked throughout the house and didn't find him. I went outside asking where he was "He left five minutes ago with his mom. Why?"

    at 19 I moved into my grandparents old trailer. I slept in the bedroom a total of three times alone, eachtime I felt hands holding me down in the middle of the night, I felt fear, I would see shapes move in the shadows. I usually slept on the couch in the livingroom and avoided the bedroom when I could.

    20, a friend of mine was pregnant, and I slept over at her place, on the floor in a sleeping bag by the crib. I woke up to hearing whispering, and I called out to my friend. She was sound asleep. I rolled to my side, my right arm laying flat on the ground I hear, "Stephanie is hiding behind....." a Child-like voice And then I felt a hand on my arm. "Found her" I tried lifting up my arm but I couldn't I was using most of my strength, I heard a giggle, and it let go, and I hit myself in the face with my arm. I sat up looked around, and remained with my back to her dresser.

    Lastly, I went back to my parents, and I was laying down on the couch and was the only one in the house, TV off. "I'll never leave you..." is what I heard. When my sister was pregnant with her first son, she heard the same words, and pressure on her stomach. My dad would have the blanket tugged off of him at night now and then.

    I'm 27 now. I started to take depression meds at 25 and it seemed like I stopped seeing or hearing anything. I've been getting back into Spirituality, and trying to reconnect with whatever the hell I've been experiencing lately. I have Lettered dice, a recorder, and a few ouija boards 2 of which I made myself. I am trying to get together a small group of investigators for my area.
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    Hey there! Have these events scared you over the years or have they made you more curious to find out is going on?
  3. TehSalade

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    Actually the only things that scared me was the visions, because I would have a panic attack afterwords and I avoided the feeling I would have right before I had the visions cause I didn't want to be scared. The spirits never scared me, and I was always curious, and still am.

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