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    Hi all. I am new here. I just thought I'd share the strange experiences I've had. They aren't really numerous or shocking but someone may find them interesting.
    The first experience I remember that I felt was strange was one night when I was just goofing around on guitar, I wasn't very good yet but I suddenly started playing much more advanced stuff than I was capable of. At that same time I felt I had detached from my body and was floating around the room. I felt like I came back and listened to a recording of my playing (I often recorded my progress back then) and it didn't sound like me.
    Around the same time a spirit took up residence in the house. It wasn't really evil and seemed like a lost soul who liked to play games. It turned up volumes on stuff all the way up, moved guitars and stuff like that. I never had direct contact from it but accepted it's presence for a while. One night I talked to it. (I did that occasionally) and told it that if it was lost that it should follow the light to get home. I never felt it there again.
    A friend who was a white witch (who always felt connected to me and vice-versa) and I were at a party at a friends house. She found an Ouija board there and asked the owners about it. I walked up in time to hear them say "You're welcome to try but nobody has ever gotten a straight answer out of it". She looked at me and I said "sure" (we often talked without speaking). We got setup and at first it seemed it was just messing with us. The planchette went in a circle first. when we asked if a spirit was there, it did a figure 8 then went to "Yes". We had to ask 6 times, during which the planchette went off the side of the board twice, the last time we asked in unison, what the spirits name was before the planchette finally moved again. it went "M6M6M6". We looked at each other and said "666?" We knocked the planchette and board off our knees to the floor never closing the session. She said "we need to burn it" someone else evidently decided that was a good idea and burned it, planchette and all.
    Shortly after that the man and hid wife started arguing and she grabbed a kitchen knife and started going after him. We got the knife from her and things settled down finally.
    I still am not sure what M6M6M6 is and would like to hear your opinion.
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