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    Sorry in advance for the long post :p I'm just new and I thought I'd introduce myself

    Alright so, I am very certain that I have always been very sensitive to the paranormal. I've never actually SEEN a ghost. But I can feel them, and I have always felt as if I am an empath. Being around a lot of people makes me pretty nervous and it tends to drain me, which is also just regular introvert tendencies. I'm really good at picking up on things about people...their energies. I got more into the supernatural when I was around 11-12. I started getting into Witchcraft and Wicca around that time best friend introduced me to it. We did a few seances and I read all the books I could get my hands on about it. I even created my own Book of Shadows out of a purple notebook. I know what you're thinking...little girls shouldn't play with magic but I actually tried to be responsible for the most part. I never did ouiji or anything like that. I think I just felt that I was different and I wanted to explore that more and find answers.

    Okay so this first one I don't really remember since I was a baby, not sure how old but I'm guessing a year old...old enough to form sentences. My mom is the one that tells this story (she says she's not suspicious but I think she just says that). So, my mom took care of my great grandmother before she died and we stayed with her and my grandmother quite a bit. My mom says I liked going into her room a lot and hanging out with her. After she died, I would not go into her room anymore. Like I was afraid to go in there. But I'd sit just outside the door and usually my mom or someone would go in and turn on the tv. My mom says that she'd walk passed and I'd be talking to myself but when she asked me who I was talking to I'd say "ganny" (couldn't pronounce my r's yet :p) And one day I guess I was sitting at the door again and my mom came to turn on the tv and apparently it was already on. She asked if anyone else had turned it on and they hadn't. It was one of those old big tv's that I would have been too small to reach if I hadn't been too afraid to go in there in the first place.

    What peaked my interest the most was a dream. I was standing in front of these woods at my friend's grandmothers old house. She had this big property with a lake and these big woods that had a trail and I had always been drawn to them and woods in general. There are some at my childhood that I feel similarly drawn to but that's a different story. Anyways, back to the dream. My friend wasn't even there, but I was outside and I saw her cat run into the woods, which caught my attention initially. (vivid, right?) And there stood a little girl. She looked pretty young...maybe about 7 or 8? She had a white gown and golden curly hair. I remember thinking she looked scared or just very blank looking? And she was floating, looking right at me. Neither of us said a word and she kept floating closer until I finally got the nerve and said "hello?" and she vanished. And I woke up. And its pretty crazy now that I think that I can still remember it so well, as I usually forget dreams really quickly. I really wanted to know who that girl was or if she was real or what that dream meant. Never did find that out :p

    So I grew up in the country basically. My friends always called it the middle of nowhere. I don't think my house was ever haunted but the woods around it were. I also grew up not far from a pretty old church cemetery that later uncovered a bunch of slave graves. Anyways, one day for some reason I decided to go into these woods. I hadn't ever really done so before. I walked in and within a few minutes of walking in I literally froze and it was like a voice in my head told me to run out. And I did, but it felt like the woods wanted me to stay because my foot got trapped in these vines and I came out with scratches all over me. Later when I would explore with my friend, it seemed like one part of the woods was fine and if I hit a certain point, it just felt wrong. I remember one time sitting in front of them on the ground and I just got this eerie feeling. I had a friend that told me that maybe theres some sort of source of power there? No clue :p

    I remember laying my bed one night and getting this feeling of complete fear and as if I couldn't move. I wasn't asleep or anything either just laying down. It stayed like that for a long while and then suddenly I felt something light come through and I felt as though I was being protected/saved...not knowing who it could have been but I half felt it was my great grandmother. I had always felt like someone familiar was watching over me.

    I never got a bad feeling from the cemetery the few times I visited. It often felt like a place of peace and angsty teen me would go there to think sometimes. There was one or two graves that felt the only one grave that had a fence around it that I got strange feelings over. If anyone could tell me why a grave would have a fence around it...that would clear up an old question of mine :) there was one under a tree that felt strange, but not bad. And one that I actually really liked named Sally. (Not related to Sallie's house :p) I could get good vibes from it and almost protected. I guess I am just good at picking up on things like that?

    Last but not least, when my uncle died. He and my aunt lived in St Augustine together and his death was kind of sudden. We had no idea how sick he was. I remember going to his funeral and feeling like he was there, watching over everyone. I think he was worried about my aunt. That whole time I was there I could just kind of feel it. Also the energy in St. Augustine in general is pretty amazing to me. My Aunt moved up to where we live to be close to family and we got most of my relatives over for Christmas that same year. I could feel him there with us, but less worried. Like he was at peace watching over everyone.

    I've since moved from my childhood home, so I feel more at ease. Sometimes I still feel like there are shadows surrounding me or like I'm being watched, but I've never been harmed so I've gotten better at ignoring it. I don't practice any kind of witchcraft and I try to keep myself more closed off from "feelings" just for my own sanity, but some still sneak up.

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