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Discussion in 'Photographs' started by dsguthrie67, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. dsguthrie67

    dsguthrie67 Residual

    [​IMG]I was hearing a girl talking and got this coming through my door! Her name is Jessie and she is 7 years old!
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  2. killerclown1979

    killerclown1979 Poltergeist

    Omg... that's krazy... I see it looks like a little girl wearing a dress with her arms down thats creepy...
  3. killerclown1979

    killerclown1979 Poltergeist

    Omg... That's krazy... I see it it's a figure of a little girl wearing a dress from like the 1800's with her arms down that's creepy... lol nice catch tho.:)
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  4. Sarah Young

    Sarah Young Residual

    I don't see a little girl. I see a goat-like head with creepy large eyes. Interesting what you can find in old wood.
  5. Rain Sparkles

    Rain Sparkles Residual

    Yes I see both a girl in a dress and a head. Very creepy. Is it always there? Can you always see it?
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  6. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    I just see a door.
  7. DREL

    DREL Residual

    That's nice but things that appear on prefabricated door happen all the time. Nothing paranormal about that. The voice I would have to be there.
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  8. Shadesof_sara

    Shadesof_sara Residual

    Aka matrixing.. I think?
  9. emolee!

    emolee! Residual

    Matrixing... Sorry:oops:
  10. Jennifer

    Jennifer Residual

  11. angelsbear3

    angelsbear3 Residual

    All I see is a door. You can't let your imagination run away with you if you're going to be doing paranormal research.
  12. Witchster

    Witchster Ghost

    It's just the wood grain I see sorry x

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