Mortal World Connected To Spirit World

Discussion in 'Theories' started by joesephc, May 18, 2008.

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    A theory that can explain a lot of the paranormal phenomenon is one that says the mortal world is connected to the spirit world through the seemingly random nature of background noise in all forms. Noise can be audible sound, radio activity, scattered light, random movements, or electronic system noise.

    Randomly dealt Tarot cards, voices heard in the rush of the wind, EVPs in the baseline noise of recorders, words selected by random tuning voltages in ghost radio receivers, all seem to contain unexplained intelligence. Earth noises caused by lightening, seismic movements, the magnetic field are detected and choirs of voices singing, chirps, whistles are heard.

    The latest signs of intelligence in EMF signals that generate control data for speech chips is demonstrated by SpeakJet devices that are now becoming created. These boxes can converse with the operator by vocalizing actual words and phrases in response to comments and questions.

    Living brain function depends on electronic currents and may be the reason that sensitive people understand thoughts that don't seem to be their own.

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    Also connected through portals, and mystical openings and ouiji boards, are just some as well. Some can be strange openings in the ground near large rocks, or in a cavern or a mirror too, etc.
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    Ouija Boards - there is something bad waiting to happen! Do you know how many cases of possession have a history of Ouija Board use? Most often the victim of the possession was just "goofing around" with their friends with a Ouija Board. As a shaman, I have done numerous exorcisms, and have found that a little over half my clients experimented with a Ouija Board sometime prior to the onset of possession.

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