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    Hey guys! I thought this would be a great place to introduce ourselves. We obviously all love LIVESCIFI.TV, so let's build a family members bridge :)
    My name is Amy and I go by LadyA1305. I live it the central Pennsylvania area with bigfoot haha. Seriously, I'm in the boonies sheesh.
    I have two kiddo's, Amber 25 and Eric 28....yes, I'm an oldster :D
    As for the interest in the paranormal, well...I basically grew up with it so naturally, the urge to know what was happening around me, produced a well seasoned 'ghost hunter'. Growing up, ugh, it was hell. We were taught to not speak about the things we saw. I remember so vividly, my name being called out in a hiss so many, many times. I learned to never look in the direction of the voice very quickly because these things did NOT hide themselves from us. Playing hide-n-seek was shear torture, yet we still played it. I can't explain why we did, other than the fact that it was a way to basically, stand up to these things, show no fear I guess...but I sure as hell was afraid! To this day, I see these creatures, be they human spirit, demon, or animal, I see them as clearly as you see yourself in the mirror. I am the county freak, people call me or call my closest friends and ask me to help them. I walk into someone's home, see their face's showing a combination of disbelief, disgust because I'm a freak, but most important to me, I see hope combined with fear. That emotion is what keeps me doing this stuff. I walk into a home with something that isn't supposed to be there and walk out later with that thing attached to me. Am I crazy? Hell yes! Who, in their right mind, would allow a bad entity to attach itself to them and take it home? But you know what...I get a phone call a few days later and these people are relieved/happy again. It's worth it.
    So, I guess the next statement would be concerning whether or not I call myself 'psychic'...nope, I am not. I cannot tell you your future, I cannot tell you your past...I just see entities...that's it...plain and simple.
    Why do I see them? Well, I blame that on my grandfather. At the age of 14, he locked himself in the basement of his home and proceeded to challenge the devil. He told his children, (( obviously later in life)) that the devil didn't exist, that he was proof of that. My thoughts on the matter concerned why he felt the need to do this. Was he experiencing the same thing I had, when he was a child? Just as we played hide-n-seek to prove we weren't afraid of these things, did he also do the same thing in the basement of his home? I don't know because unfortunately, as I said, we were NOT allowed to talk or mention the things we saw.
    Well guys, that's a long winded story, telling a little bit about myself and why I'm here, as a member of LIVESCIFI.TV. Maybe one day, Tim will be the one to prove to all the skeptics that spirit's and demons are real. AND, we would be there to witness it! Awesomeness right there :D
    Looking forwards to meeting you all. Later gators :)
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    Hi my name is Domonique and I live in Maryland. My family has been blessed by the adoption of two girls and 3 dogs. We have a cat however she is more of a human than house cat. I use to travel to historic places and loved urban exploration. That all changed when the supernatural got way to personal. I live vicariously through Tim because lets face it ..he does things that even the most experienced investigator wouldn't dream of attempting. I'm wont say that I'm psychic or even the least bit sensitive however I will say that I'm curious about the world around me . You ever hear of curiosity killing the cat,....well 9 lives baby and I'm still kicking :D
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    Hi, I'm Dawn. (Older than I care to admit) I've always been aware of things that others didn't notice. I feel, hear and see with my"third eye" ,I guess. As far as them showing themselves to me, it's only happened a couple times. Like you, I got it from my grandparents.
    You can't prove to anyone what's there until they see it first hand and even then most will convince themselves it didn't happen.
    Just stay strong and know that you are not alone.
  4. erika

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    Hi there, im erika, 30 years young :D Im an ice hockey photographer, also playing ice hockey when men lets me to join them lol. Im also an artist and doing many creative things. People call me indigo or sensitive child, i am hyper sensitive, and been diagnosed with it since i was a kid. Doctors couldnt really explain the sensitivity in me, i can sense things and energies, and overall im full of odds and oddities. As far as i know i have jewish roots, which i find interesting because from the shows i can see that demons doesnt like jews :)
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    Great idea Lady xx.
    I'm Kellee, I'm from NZ..which is not Australia. .or the UK..Just sayin. :)
    Career -wise I am an Early Childhood Teacher (0-5yrs), but i now work from home looking after a few kids, which is pretty much my own business, I also have another online clothing business i plan to grow. I love childcare and business, but music is my main passion.
    I am also obsessed with paranormal, when i found Tim and the channel i was so relieved to see real footage, live, no hollywood cuts and edits so we can actually document activity! I haven't had a lot of paranormal experiences but i guess thats what keeps me coming back, to find out what other people experience and document. Been watching for nearly 3yrs and dont plan on leaving the crew anytime soon!
    I don't really give a fuck about what people say about me, but wont hesitate to tell you how i feel :) Don't take me too seriously, I joke a lot and can be a sarcastic asshole lol.
    I am the forum MOD so feel free to follow me or ask me any questions about the forums or any issues you have, obviously ask the master T if you need, but ill help out in anyway i can.
    Love you guys!
    Twitter: @saydeonyx
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  6. Hi I'm Susan.. I'm from New Jersey..with the jersey devil...which I believe does excist... I do not work I stay at home with my granddaughter ... which I love, I get to spend more time with her and watch her grow family comes from Hungary .. we were part of the first gypsies ... I don't know what you would call it but the women in the family have a sense ...we can feel when something bad is going to happen ...we have dreams ...visions sometimes...I see shadow people sometimes ..and can feel if something is in the is not all the time but happens enough...that's how I know something is not right with my house right now and will be cleansing soon...I found livescifi about 2 years ago and can't stop watching ever is the real deal..always been interested in the paranormal ...even when people said it was in my head..don't care what others say I know it's life and making new friends so this page is an awesome idea:)
  7. DonnaSue

    DonnaSue Residual

    Well Hello All! My name is Donna and have been a fan of @livescifi for 3 years now...I have known about the paranormal since I was 6. That's when I realized I had been reincarnated, Since then have had a lot of repeats in life. But have seen shadow people, sparkies, red eyes, white streaks, etc., and with my ir camera caught great pics like the one I have for my profile. I'm a nurses aide, working in a nursing home is exciting to see spirits around and sad for the living that have no family members to come visit them. So I always try to do something to make them laugh with me or at me the nights I work...I have 2 sons 35 & 32 the oldest is married and the youngest still single and trying to save the princess. I live in a rural area in Virginia, alone. Uh maybe the spirits that hang around to get my attention count as not alone...;)
  8. D Bliss

    D Bliss Residual

    Wow, you can see all the different energies? I can feel,hear, and see with my third eye but rarely does anything allow me to see it. I have a lot hanging out with me as well, though im not sure why because I have a family so I dont open the line of communication for them. As long as you never feel threatened its kind of awesome that they are there. Sending love and good vibes to you and your "guests"
  9. Blakey86

    Blakey86 Residual

    Hi guys, i'm Paul from Wales, UK, been into the paranormal ever since I can remember, my first experience was when I was about 3/4yrs old and seen this old women standing in my bedroom, only just found the other week via Youtube and i'm addicted! Just started going to investigations and can't wait to do some more :D
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  10. Hi everyone, enjoyed reading about your story, I am Nadine, on YouTube, I go by Shabad Deep Kaur, which is my spiritual indian name channeled by an indian monk. I just started following Livescifi, new member. I am from Belgium, region East Flanders, city Ninove. Where my home address is, has a history of witches, the green field behind my home, a meadow, was then called the Hellhole, lol. So I live by the Hellhole lol. Did not know that at all, really did not came to live here on purpose. There have been living witches here in past, I also myself come from a line of witches / magicians in the family, this year I came in contact with my great great grandfather, he told me he was a practising black magician in hoodoo voodoo alchemy, he did it for abundance for his family, positive reasons, he told me his ancestors, also my ancestors, traveled around the world to meet tribes in other countries, see how they lived and practised rituals, they would memorise it, come back and teach their family members, how he also been taught these practises, he told me, there were no grimoires kept, they memorised all in their head, also a form of protection, so that the knowledge would never come in the wrong hands. My grandfather was also gifted, with psychic abilities, he never used them, my physic abilities come from my mother, who I don't have contact with anymore, same for my sister, this year they decided to end their contact with me, because they gotten afraid of me, cos I am too gifted, cos it freaks them out, that I know things, can say it, etcetera, I never scare people on purpose, I know for a fact they are not doing well at all, I don't think my sister is still my sister, I don't know my own mother anymore, they have changed so much,last time I saw them, we had a fight, I was scared they would become agressive towards me again, they couldn't touch me, every time they wanted to express their anger towards me, they had to walk away from me, like something was pulling them aside, it was freaky to see. At one moment, my sister looked at me, I could see her eyes become yellow green, she looked at me with a angry face and angry look I will never forget, for my own good and my life, I knew at that moment it was time to say goodbey and never look back. If I loved my life. Cos they have been possessed once by the spirits that occupy my mom her home, to try and kill me, no kidding, no lie. It was the scariest night of my life, at 24 years old, now I am 39, next day I decided to move out, I couldn't take the pressure anymore, I asked a best friend of high school, if I could stay with her till I found my own place, we split costs together. It's common for evil beings to try to possess your loved ones, to hurt you or kill you. My childhood was terrible, my dad died when I was 3 years old, I have been always the outsider at school at home, have been many times suicidal during my school years, cos of all I been threw that time. Being bullied, hard time at home, knowing spirits were haunting me, good and bad spirits, I think they were all evil. I never got along well with my brother or sister, my brother had a crush on me, tried to abuse me as a child, not ever physical, he turned it into a game, he told me, if I was not his sister he would date me, I was then very young like 7-8 years, I had no idea what he was all talking about, my sister Always believed that I hated her, which is just redicolous, I have Always loved my family, no matter how hard we ever fighted. At nighttime I had serious nightmares, about monsters, vampires, witches, going to bed was like every night torture, I needed a nightlight, to feel safe, with all I ever experienced paranormal level, I still need that night light, even as an adult, cos I freak out when I am in complete darkness, I hear then all kind of stuff, that comes from the traumas I been threw in past with hauntings at my mom's house, lately I have nightmares about my family, I never have nice dreams about them, ever. Its like they stalk me in my dreams, all I want is to be left alone, they shutted me out of their life, dreaming of them is like same like also haunting. I have an aunt, that is partly responsible for breaking up our family, she killed her husband with magick I know this cos her dead husband, approached me to tell me how he died, he said to me: I never thougth she would do something like that, I am shocked, angry, cos I did not deserve to die that way. She uses a box on him, with items in it, to make him sick and die. She is in contact with my mom and sister, I told them, how can you stay in contact with someone like that, I can't, don't care she is family. I been married, no kids, I been single for 4 years now, I haven't been dating, cos I focus on myself now, working on my personal life, leaving the past behind me, the spirits I work with and my friends as my new family, the paranormal has Always been part of my life, I been baptised roman catholic, I have Always felt more spiritual person than religious one, I have friends of all believes, I am not a racist, in my spiritual path, I been in the new age community, from there for a few years now, on the Left Hand Path, as a luciferian satanist, cos I discovered threw Gene keys and Human design, that is what my soul is of energy, I am a good person, I rather be honoust than pretending to be someone else just to impress or be liked, I am a great person to know, have a big heart,if we become friends I would go the distance for you, if you know what I mean. I can do distant healing, remover curses by ritual prayer, I have healing hands, have sight, lucid dreaming, sometimes remember astral travels, in dreamtime is when I do my most work, I go to different places where people need my help in dreamtime, like a superhero. I can do intuitive tarot readings that are at least 75% correct, most of times it scares the hell out of people how correct it is. I can do so much more, that I think this is already much about me. How I found Lifescifi, it was recommended as a channel on YouTube by YouTube, I felt bored and didn't know what to look at on YouTube, I kept being recommended videos of you guys to watch, so I said to myself: okay what is this about, started to watch, took me first a few times before I dared to jump into the YouTube chat, I won't lie, I felt from my intuition I had to jump in to help you guys with the investigations, something in my heart was telling me you guys need me, I never ignore that feeling ever. So here I am, I do have sometimes haunting dreams about the beings that chase after Tim, I be honoust again, they don't like that I am new, that I have joined you guys, the spirits that haunt Tim, fear me, cos they think that I can truly help him, more reason to stay right :D <3 hugs to all, sorry if it is a lot to read, this is how I am.
  11. WeagleTech

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    Hello everyone, I'm James.. just joined the forum. I'm from Vestavia Hills, Alabama which is just south of Birmingham. I love to build things.. computer networks when I'm on the clock, and classic cars and various types of motorcycles when I'm not. Fascinated by all things paranormal; unfortunately I have not had an experience as of yet. Sort of stumbled across this site but I'm glad I did.. very interesting content as well as people.
    Would love to find a paranormal group to investigate with in the Southeast, US.
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    Hey guys, I'm Karen... I grew up in Detroit, Mi. Every since I was a young girl, I would always start having really really scary dreams when someone close to me would get hurt or pass away. I was diagnosed with night terrors. When I was eleven I began to have horrible, horrible dreams of my father passing. I begged my dad to go see a doctor. He said he was fine. So I began to beg my mother to take my father to the doctors. Finally after about two weeks of these horrible dreams, my father who had asthma and was a alcoholic wasn't feeling well. Mom took him to the doc. They came back home to tell me that the doc was sending him to the hospital for some R&R. Now that I'm older i know that he was binge drinking, and they had admitted him to keep a eye on him while sobered up. They had stopped home to pack somethings for him and asure me he was gonna be ok. I can remember that day like it was yesterday!! He came in my room and said "Karen that quack thinks i need some R&R". I remembering crying and crying in his arms. When I was all done crying I said "Dad your never coming back you know. I'm never gonna see you again". The last thing he said to me was," You just always remember that I love you". I told him "I love you too!" That night he had 2 massive heart attacks and passed away.
    That was the first time i had every told anyone out loud a prediction. That was the day my life changed. We went to the cemetery to bury him. When we was entering the grounds i was overwhelmed. Everyone chalked it up to i was a daddy's girl having a hard time. About two weeks later i went back to the cemetery with my mom. I remember that same feeling of terror going onto the grounds. Once we was by his plot i seen the wilted flowers and a bow and ribbon that said loving dad. I asked my mom if i could take it home. She said you sure can. I can remember having the weight of the world feeling on the back of my neck and shoulders. I took that bow home and put it in my room.
    It seemed like days later i began feeling as if someone was watching me. Anywhere i went. One evening i was in my room i was laying in bed and listening to music. I noticed a shadow on my wall. It looked like something with horns was coming toward my room. At first i thought it was my cat. But it began to get bigger and bigger. I began to think my room is getting cold and i could see at this point my breath. My heart was pounding so hard, i could hear it. It seemed that time started to go in slow motion. The shadow on the wall was blacker than black. I tried to scream for my mom but i was so scared i couldnt. I tried again and nothing would come out again. I to get up out of my bed but I was froze with fear. Then I looked away from the wall to the door to where whatever should be entering and nothing i looked back at the wall to see 2 red eyes staring at me. The next thing i knew it was on top of me holding my shoulders down. It's face was 2 inches from mine and it began to scream at me. I closed my eyes trying first to move, then scream for my mom. After what seemed like eternity it let go and disappeared. I finally let out this blood wrenching scream that let my mom know something was terribly wrong. She ran into my room and pulled me into her arms. After i settled down a bit mom said honey you just had a bad dream. I tried to explain i hadn't fallen asleep. I can remember mom said why don't you get and go take a shower cause i was in a pool of sweat on my bed. You'll feel better she said. I NEVER SLEPT IN MY ROOM AGAIN!!
    I began seeing things, hearing things. I refused to be anywhere in my home alone. I slept with my mom. I continued to have night terrors. My mom was the only place i felt safe. I would have to have my mom keep her arms around me to sleep. I would feel something touching me at night. I would wake in the middle of the night and see a black mist floating over my bed. My mom would say, oh that's your amagination. Sometimes she would say thats your dad. He would never hurt you. I would tell her dads here but thats not dad. That went on for 5 years!!
    When I was 16 i met a much older spanish guy. I began going over to his place alot. I began getting close to his mom. I never ever told her what was happening. One day she asked me to go on some errands with her. We ended up going to a friend of hers house. When the friend opened the door they spoke in spanish. They went into the kitchen i hung out in the livingroom with some people. After awhile they came and asked me to join rhem in the kitchen. She was speaking to me through my mother in law and told me i had a attachment. She told i had a gift, that my gift had left me vulnerable to attachments. She read my cards. She knew everything. She told me when i picked up that bow that i was so emotional that i left myself open for this evil attachment. They came with some other people to my house to cleanse it. They explained that my dad was there too. But i already knew that. I remember they wrapped me in a white sheet. They said some prayers, ran a egg as strange as that sounds all over my body. They saged every inch of our home. They then took the sheet and egg with them. While whatever was attached to me was no longer attached, I never got past the feeling of being watched. I married at 17 years old in a desperate attempt to leave my childhood home. While the marriage didn't last more than 4 years. I am forever greatful.
    I moved as far away from Michigan as i could. I moved to Hawaii. I drank and did other things to run from my gifts. I never slept more than 2 hours at a time or i would have noght terrors. Same night terror over and over. Whispers in my ear. Then the fear of i cant move. Feelings of someone watching me. Wake up screaming. This happened 4 to 5 times a week, for 30 years. No matter where i move my house ialways has uninvited guests. The paranormal follows me. Recently my husband, daughter, and I moved to Colorado. I decided i wanted i wanted to take a meditation class. This was the best thing i ever did. I haved learned so much. I dont have night terrors anymore. I have learned to protect myself. I learned to ground and cleanse. I have embraced my gift. I no longer live scared to be alone!!!
  13. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Hello I am Valak..don't mind the avatar I am really a nice person.
  14. Hi, from Quebec & have been a loyal fan for many years. I always wondered are Kristen & Dorian together?
  15. Chelle1310

    Chelle1310 Guest

    Hi, Chelle from U.K., have been interested in the paranormal for a long time, and absolutely love this channel and all the 'Live Shows' even though they mostly scare the absolute crap out of me..:eek:..look forward to hopefully making some new friends..:)
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    Hi all, I'm a newbie and my name is Sharon..aka: shazizview. I live in Geelong, Australia and have been interested in the paranormal since a child.
    I've been following LiveSciFi only for about a year and love the show. You never know but i hope one day the team
    comes down here to Geelong to check out the ' Old Geelong Gaol' amongst other sites. Tim and the crew won't be disappointed.
    Thanks ...Shazi
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  17. Hello everyone I'm Kala(the gifted one). I'm going to be 34 on 9/11. I have had a gift for as long as I can remember, and freakishly like closets and basements. And when I just by chance come across one of Tims video on YouTube and now I'm freakishly addicted.
  18. I like how your name is my name backwords and without the V. ;)

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