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    1.1 Conduct and Harrasment-

    All members will respect other people in the commnity, viewers, affliates, employees of the site etc. Members who choose to harrass other people in the community, will immediately been seen as violation of TOS

    1.2 Clones

    Each user may have up to 2 connections to the chat. If you are connecting from a location where multiple users will have the same hostmask please stop in #services and talk to a server admin, we will make exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis.

    1.3 Advertising

    Mass advertising is not acceptable on Members will not repeatly spam the chat with urls to advertise for other services.

    1.4 Screen Names

    Screen Names will not contain any .com, nor will they contain anything that maybe considered deflamatory in nature.

    1.4 Disclaimer

    Use of and all it's services, is a privilege, not a right and they can be revoked from users at any time without warning.
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