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Discussion in 'Important Info!' started by master_T, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    One of the things that I never wanted to do with was to create a Terms of Service because I believed that everyone would be able to respect each other, whether it was fellow viewers, or cast members of While I think that the is an outstanding community that has grown in great lenghts over the past 6 months lately I have been seeing the need for a general TOS for our community. My hope by creating a TOS is that we can all continue to grow like we currently are while respecting each other at the same time.
    There will also be full time mods as well in the chat to so that the TOS are respected. Anyone who is interested in this please email
    Therefore since this community and site is a much mine as it yours I am asking for your input on a general terms of service for anyone that chooses to be a member of the community to abide to. So please let us know what you would like..
  2. spook

    spook Residual

    yes Tim, i agree it is sad to have to put togther a TOS. however, as communities grow, so does the potential for crime, harrassment etc etc.

    i think a Member Conduct section is truly needed. terms about *respect, *agreement not to harm others, *agreement not to stalk or harrass others, *not to use "spam", *not to cause disruption.. something along those lines.

    i appreciate all has offered us, the viewers.. and all the care that has been put into giving us what we ask for! truly, the team has earned my respect over and over. you are all Top Drawer in my books. to give back, agreeing to a TOS is a positive thing.

    thanks Tim!
  3. Ryhno

    Ryhno Whimsical

    What she said. Its pretty much only 1 rule, in fact it shouldn't be even a rule, and that is "Respect each other".

    Just have a good time, if ya don't like the person, go to another room or something, as long as your having a good time.

    They do there best to listen to everyone and make sure everyone is happy and having a good time.

    But ppl coming on here making a fool of them selves is the last thing Livescifi needs.

    Anyway back to read the bible :lol:
  4. buddhafulday

    buddhafulday Residual

    Great idea!

    Tim, are you thinking about having only registered members the ability to access chat? If so, I think it would be a good idea.

    I thought that one guy (Airforce guy) would never shut up. He thought it was necessary to preach to everyone that there's no such thing as ghosts and that ouija boards are bogus yada yada yada. So rude. I tried to quiet him down a few times.

    He eventually shut up. :lol:

    Other than that, I really enjoyed the Stanley Hotel investigation. You guys ROCK!! Thanks so much.
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  5. TRAX_Lindy

    TRAX_Lindy Residual

    Pests exist on the internet just as they do in real life. TOS agreements are an unfortunate but necessary tool that even the most open of groups wind up having to resort to specifically because of those pests.

    I'd say having a straightforward TOS is a tool that Livescifi has probably grown big enough to need. The ignore option works wonders, too, at least for one's own peace of mind. It's awfully hard to take notes when someone who hasn't even been here before comes in and starts spamming the board with rhetoric and insults and even vulgarity.

    I'm a 48 year old woman, and even I feel offended by some of the things that are posted in chat sometimes.

    You guys do what you need to do. It's your setup, you are the ones who have done the hard work to build this wonderful group, and you have the final say in all of it.

    For myself, while I do try very hard to get along with anybody the best I can, I think it's time that I and others speak out when it happens. I will nicely tell the person that I am focusing on the investigation and ask if they will chill. If they don't, then I will state that I'm putting the person on ignore, and will have no interest in anything else they have to say.

    I love you guys and just dont want to even read any insults posted about any of you. I also don't want to read vulgar posts. I want to participate in the investigation and enjoy the company of some very wonderful and good people.

    The ignore option to me is a virtual can of bug spray that I think I'll be using very openly and whenever needed! lol! TOS guidelines will give any mods you put in place the authority to sweep the vermin out the nearest exit. Then we can all get back to the wonderful and fascinating business of paranormal investigation!

    just my two cents worth....
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  6. FLGhostHunter

    FLGhostHunter Residual

    Well as much as I may have been cutting up with folks the other night, I meant no harm. I find investigations to be a serious thing but it was getting a little tough to stay up all night at times. Trying to make people laugh or at least chuckle was my way of staying awake. I don't mind keeping an eye on the cams and confirming what someone else may have seen. A few others that showed up were there to only insult and cause problems and they irritated me as well.

    I'd never bash someone on purpose, unless they know I am kidding with them and only having fun. I have become very sensitive to hurting anyones feelings or thinking I am causing a problem for anyone else. However some people just don't care and enjoy being a pain in the butt for everyone else.

    If a TOS is in order than okay with me.

    If my attempt at humor the other night offended anyone, I am sorry. You guys were able to keep me up all night from Saturday night until 5:30am Sunday. I enjoyed it more than you know but hope I wasn't a pain to deal with.
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  7. Samikat

    Samikat Residual

    Basically, I concur with what has been said so far, and truth be told, anyone who is here for the investigation and not because they want to bash or spam or demean others is probably also going to agree to a TOS. As Spook so eloquently put, it's our way of giving back to you guys for all you have done for us.

    As for suggestions, respect for the individual is a definite biggie and not just badmouthing. There are people from different countries, faiths, races and preferences who join the chats to watch the investigations and people need to consider that when they join. While the idea of limiting chat usage to only forum registered people is appealing, I'd hate to see it come to that. I, for one, am a member of this forum because of the people I met in the chat room first and I'm sure there are others out there who likely never considered joining here until after they found the chat. Likewise, there are members of the forum who joined simply to post their spam streams and leave. Limiting the chat still gives those people access to it.

    Anyway, at this point my brain has apparently turned to mush and erased everything else I wanted to say so I'll just stick with, I agree.
  8. TRAX_Lindy

    TRAX_Lindy Residual

    FL, I didn't have a problem with you in chat. So, speaking for myself, we're cool. :)

    I'll make this promise to ya,,, if I ever do feel an issue arising, I'll private message ya about it and we'll deal with it, okay? ;) hugs ya!
  9. Terri

    Terri Residual

    I have run chat rooms before and at some time or another it comes to a toss or ban at one point or another. So I have no problem with this at all. Respect for everyone should be a no brainer but we all know that it doesn't always turn out that way in the real world we live in. Someone trys to mess up a good thing for the rest of us if you let them. So rules have to be put in place.
    When I first found this site I only knew how to get to the lobby. And that is where I met my many knew friends. And I grew to care about each and everyone of you. As time moved on I met more new friends and it was great. And the lobby was still a lot of fun to be in. I could still chat and still watch the investigation. Later the lobby turned into a free for all and it was know longer any fun. It was and is a lot of time full of other people I don't know spamming, insulting each other and our team we love so much and who works so hard for us, and using every cuss word in the book just to hurt each other. I started just to get out of the chat room all together and just watch the investigation but I decided to try to figure out how to change rooms . It took me awhile but I finally did it Lol. Luckly for me it worked and I have stayed in the chat rooms with friends that don't mind me tagging alone with them................I hope lol. I still jump around now that I know how to go from room to room but when the lobby gets out of hand I know I can leave. But it shouldn't be that way. So yes I agree that monitors are a must for any kind of chat room. I am 43year old. I am just not going to argue with someone who is just thowing a fit and being rude. I will just ignore them. Toss works too. Ya'll do what you need to do. I enjoy watching the investigations. I chat a little but I try to keep my eyes glued mostly to what the team is doing. :D
  10. stmac70

    stmac70 Residual

    I have always been able to go to another room if needed. It does hack me off some times when I have to go to the main lobby and deal or put up with the guys in there just to be able to say something (type) to Tim or Jay.

    Now I dont mind alot of the things that go on in there,but the spamming and cussing of people has got to go. After all this is a paranormal investigation site not a general chat site.

    Complaining about or Dissing the Livescifi crew will not be tolerated and then I do get a little over the top in my language :shock: . The joking around occasionally is OK,but people take it to far every freakin

    We all can be serious towards the investigation and have some fun too.....
    A famous quote once said "All work and no play make Jack a Dull Boy" lol The Shining*
  11. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    While as other mention, it is sad to have to come up with one, with a growing fan base the new members who come by word of mouth aren't always going to be the positive for the group type.

    Going off the topic of what the group is along with common respect I think definitely these things should apply to the terms:

    -No spamming (not meaning the occasional, hey I like this link check it out, but the numerous sending of a link or posting the same thing over and over)
    -No intentionally disrespectful behavior.
    -Respect everyone's opinion, whether you agree with it or not. If you don't agree with it do not make it your goal to harass the person on their opinions.
    -No harmful calling of names or 'bashing' a person.
    -Show respect not just for the fellow chatters but the investigators running the show. (can't mention enough how much it irks me to see someone new come in and find the need to disrespect these guys and gals)
    -while yes most of us are adults in the chats, remember that not everyone is and adult content posts should be avoided. (seriously can't they find another chat to do this with?)

    I think a warning system would work with the rules. they get 1/2 warnings that they are violating the TOS and upon the 2nd/3rd violation they get banned. I'd usually give the 3 warnings and your out rule, but with this I found more often then not that made them feel that the warnings weren't really serious.

    I know these don't apply to those of us that have been around since nearly the start or are friends of the boys and gals of livescifi and the chatters, but stay strong and remember that the ignore option and other rooms options are your friends :D (don't feed the trolls, it only makes them stronger)
  12. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    I belong to several bulliten boards and a tos is sometimes a good thing. It keeps rowdy posters in line. But sometimes it can be a bad thing because sometimes some MODS take advantage and all posters instead of the one is punished with the locking of a topic or a thread. I have had that happen to me before. Keep it fair keep it equal and punish those who need to be punished if that be the case. OH btw Im a newbie love the hunts love the chat and I know I am going to love the forums :D
  13. Ryhno

    Ryhno Whimsical

    Shoot there goes bashing out on the Sharks lol.
  14. FLGhostHunter

    FLGhostHunter Residual

    Ryhno, just don't bash my Tampa Bay Lightning.... they have enough problems. :D
  15. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    go sharks! :lol:
  16. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Go Flyers!

  17. stmac70

    stmac70 Residual

    GO STARS!!!!!!
  18. Gothickangel

    Gothickangel Ghost

    I left yahoo chat rooms because of all the bad people in there.. I'm not the type interested in sex on cam or fluting with people. I am looking for intelligent conversations.

    All my profiles state "sure i will go on cam but u will only see my face" then i state "i perform no sexual acts and i hope u don't either"

    Yeah the norms on here are fine they are intelligent in there different fields. A bit joking around is alright but when it starts to talking about eating animals ummm thats too far.
  19. train

    train Poltergeist

    sharks :O

    Tim thot you were part Canadian lol..go LEAFS go..share the love hahaha :wink:
  20. train

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