Live QNA following water ITC seance 7.25

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  1. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
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    what your favorite football team
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    Kristen when connecting with an entity do you feel as if your getting farther away from yourself, almost like your soul is traveling? The first house I ever lived in a man had killed himself in the attic, I have never been in the attic but I can describe it perfectly right down to the wardrobe with the guys tux in it
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    So, the Amityville house is up for sale....Will you buy it or perform a session there?
    PS: You guys rock!
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    I'm never watching Seinfeld again.
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    I would donate!
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    Thanks for answering guys, you made my night :)
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    RELICK Residual

    tim don't laff at me with this question but i just wanted to know iff the demons/spirits are know about Aliens they have the same God what we have its laffing guestion but im curious
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    about the gofundme for amityville house there are a few people who already posted it up
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    Thank you for answering my question
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  11. Kristin

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    Hahaaahaaaa me neither
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  12. Kristin

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    There are times I've felt that way but it's when I'm channeling. I don't have proper control over channeling yet so I basically get "jumped" by them. I did a drawing while at Whispers Estate when I got jumped that showed how it felt. It's on my Instagram KManningArt. I'll find it and post here. It shows best how it felt. Otherwise when I see them it's just like having a conversation with a living person

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  13. Kristin

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    So far we have never used any substances other than the oils that would be for a specific thing we're doing. No drinking etc because it can really effect how you view and intererpt the evidence. Best to have a clear mind.
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  14. Kristin

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    You can start with a house and body cleansing for everyone. You can do a religious one or with a well vetted shaman. Sometimes it takes many cleansings if the energy is really refusing to leave. You own your house. What would you do to an intruder? You'd call the authorities and demand it to leave and not touch or affect your family, house, and property. This is where I'd start.
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    I forgot to say that when I would get up it would still shake for 2 seconds. :) ty for replying! It means so much to me.
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  16. I should have clarified that every time I feel this is when I pass by the front bathroom in the dark and the bathroom walls are black ceramic tile so it's kind of like a bunch of 6 inch scrying mirrors to me. I've felt this way off and on since I was about 5-7 years old. I'm 31 now. The feeling isn't as bad as when I was a child now because I'm use to it, but it still creeps me out, but have noticed it's starting to effect me closer toward the den. I've also experienced 4 years ago a golden orb approximately 6 inches as well, but that was in the living room, and in the hall between the living room and den doors slightly catty cornered to the other part of the hall which leads to the black bathroom and bedrooms there's a knickknack shelf that was hit against the wall when no one else was awake and no animals are in the house. It's also way too heavy for a breeze to have moved it. I wasn't the only one to have heard it either because I was on a call with a friend at the time. I also live in Atlanta, GA so definitely no earthquakes either.
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  17. I have never Hurd of this water thing! I really enjoyed watching it and Screen caping ! I felt like I was part of the team haha!. Anyways just wondering will you and Kristen be doing that again soon?
  18. tim_livescifi

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    Thank you to everyone who submitted questions last night!! Here is the video with your q's answered!! love ya guys - t

  19. Alfred

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    Love you too Tim and team!
  20. Alfred

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    Ms. Kristen, I think you're amazing. Like... I've never experienced someone who can see entities and draw them on paper as they actually look. When I saw your drawing last night of "the lady in white" in that bowl with water, your picture matched what I saw and everyone else saw in that water. I think you are truly an amazing person and, God bless you for your magnificent gift.
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