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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by zoe74, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. zoe74

    zoe74 Residual wouldn't be what it is without the viewers. Unfortunately, providing the best interactive, live paranormal investigations for everyone to enjoy costs money. What better way, then to have a live fundraiser? We're thinking of a function that anyone could attend and meet the team and their friends in the forums.... and if you can't make it, you can watch it on We would have raffles for cool stuff and some entertainment.... anyone wanna see Tim in a charity boxing match?
    At any rate, we'd like your ideas, suggestions and requests for a fun event that will raise money for equipment, keeping the site up, etc.

    Zoe and the Livescifi team
  2. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    hmm at the event can have some games that cost a little money. Bingo was a big hit at my dad's company picnics and what they did was they charged something for each card they handed out. Maybe this events games can bee a little less kiddie than this but the company picnics also had games like hoop tossing (getting a hoop around a target), a ping pong ball in a container, these kinds of games. The prize they gave out were cheap kiddie stuff that usually came in bulk, but some had things like a liter of soda or a bag of chips for the adults that played or the older kids. This way people that are giving money are enjoying themselves even more while doing it and people do tend to give out more when they're working for a goal.

    You can also go with this route and get some of these cards and sell them at the event. I'm not sure if the cards have to be for local areas, but people could buy the discount cards from the event thus raising money for the team while also saving money.

    Can also do car washes. I know this one isn't exactly an event thing, but you could throw it out there.

    also something that can help is having a booth where people can sell things (arts and crafts, old books, etc) and the team get a percentage of the money earned. I'm not sure what the legalities might be with this one.
  3. zoe74

    zoe74 Residual


    Bingo is a cool idea.... we could totally personalize it for We were also thinking of raffle prizes live digital voice recorders, EMF detectors, etc. and sell tickets online and in person so that viewers and attendees alike could participate.
  4. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    Awesomeness. If I think of more ideas I'll pass them along. :D Is a location picked for this event yet?
  5. zoe74

    zoe74 Residual

    No location yet.... it will probably depend on what activities we plan and how big an event we make it. Keep the ideas coming in ! Thx
  6. spooked_1

    spooked_1 Residual

    Those are all great ideas for a fund raisers. But my question would be is how can those be used via the internet. So we can give all of livescifi fans across the world a chance to partisapate.
    I have been going crazy trying to think of some way we can raise money over the internet for the team and the site. Like you guys have mentioned Bingo.
    The trick would be showing everyone it's safe to donate money via paypall and sites like that.
    I know alot of people just dont feel safe about putting their imformation on the net.
    I wish we had some way to all get togeather and have fun and give a little for Livescifi.
  7. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    Hi all

    If you decide to do bingo I have a bingo program that will generate cards with serial number, it will pull the bingo ball randomly and let you know if a BINGO is Valid or not. You can also customize the cards with your logo.

    We do use this program now for a internet bingo games ( our games are .50 to 5.00 a card depending on prize or payout) and it works great. People buy the cards and we use paypal.

    Let me know..

  8. train

    train Poltergeist

    fund raisers

    Since the site is paranormal and livescifi's my idea is to raffle or sorta ebay off items of interest from previous investigations, t-shirts, sweat shirts, stickers, personal items of the teams like stick ( tho im sure Tim would never get rid of it lol or something of buddies but to put prices for what ever is done to the items..if a raffle for a shirt then maybe 10 tickets for 20.00, or a real personal item like a shirt worn by a team member could be auctioned or kinda e-bayed off to the top bidder but have a time limit

    I for one keep saying im sending money then something happens like with paypal, they only use credit cards, :( so i have to go to my bank this week and get a card be it visa or mastercard were i can apply money as im not into owing credit...

    I think any and all ideas are great, i would do anything to help out Tim and the team to keep this site alive...

    or maybe for a 50.00 donation a t-shirt or for 100.00 donation a sweat shirt or a 20.00 and under donation would be stickers or a picture of the team autographed :)

    just my ideas

  9. MelanieS

    MelanieS Residual

    Trouble with bingo is that in some states, it's considered gambling.
  10. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Yeah, I think bingo is out.

    An auction I think is the best idea.
  11. tiedyekeith

    tiedyekeith Residual


    official LIVESCIFI.TV cheesecake

    That will raise money!

  12. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    How about everytime RY or Drax cusses they have to put a $1 in the cuss jar for Timmie? :lol:
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  13. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    OOooooooo Cheesecake!!!! A LiveSciFi T shirt with a Cheesecake as logo :D
  14. icesaige

    icesaige Residual

    This may be a stretch but how about a Live Scifi Con. People host small conventions all the time. You can charge for basic tickets and of course VIP passes.
    Basic tickets could be for entry at a location of your choice. Charge a fee for a picture, autograph or signed T-shirt of you. Auction off some haunted items and appendages . Perhaps invite some paranormal teams/ specialist around the area who would like to speak at a few panels . You can easily live stream it and people will enjoy not only watching the panels but can send donations at their leisure.
    VIP passes- An exclusive ghost haunt with you and your team. Or a swag bag of some goodies wouldn't hurt
    And if you need volunteers I'm sure you wont have any issues locating willing bodies. I'm one of them :D.
  15. Margot

    Margot Residual

    What about patreon, I support two other youtubers there. It needs to be an idea that includes the whole world. As in enter a raffle to win an invite to a ghost hunt. Well that is useless if you live on another continent.
  16. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    i remember how my friend who is an actor in US raised money for something i cant remember, he had many stuff where he was in a movie with Stallone, it was some sort of auction and the items was shipped to the higher bidder, so maybe there could be a place in forum for auction donation stuff, like some people have ouija boards they want to get rid of, paranormal stuff etc, the money will go to the livescifi, and the person who donates it ships it.. Not sure if its a good idea, but im full of insanities in my head o_O

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