Last night at the Sallie House. I think I heard a disembodied voice

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by jentt, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. jentt

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    This stream was Amazing!!! Tim & Kristin did an excellent job.
    Right when Tim says "666 - again - lets go to the other room" that's when I hear a male say "Hey Mom" very quick. Kind of overlaps when Tim says other room. start @4:24:17 & the voice is saying "Hey Mom" is at @4:24:20 You have to listen very close. Anyone else here it?
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  2. I heard it Jentt, as you said very faintly.
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  3. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    Oh I'm glad you heard it. Wasn't sure if I was hearing things lol. You really have to have the volume way up & headphones on. This is very faint & quick
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  4. Yep very quick ,if you blink you will miss it.
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