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    Since I put my EVP's on here... these were from a segregated cemetery in GA in FULL daylight...which proves yes virginia there are spirits in the day too... We are planning on going back there too...

    Oak Grove Cemetery (BTW the wind was killer that day...wonder if that acted like white noise for them?)
    This one just jumped outta my truck, snapped a pic and got his..

    Someone looking for Heaven?
    Click here to watch OakGrove-10-11-Heaven

    Behind me...I guess someone wanted my attention?
    Click here to watch OakGrove-10-11-Behind-you

    Someone replying to my hubbys comment on a Homemade headstone..
    Click here to watch OakGrove-10-11-Yeah

    This was a couple weeks the 1800's cemetery
    This one was REALLY close to us as we were talking. And yes I run my recorder at all times and this would be why..
    Click here to watch 1800s-Renne--With-us-ok

    Someone didn't like me much that nite
    Click here to watch 1800s-F-You

    Team leader and I checking for some ppl I picked up on
    Click here to watch 1800s-Pass-Above-me

    Very close and Very Clear at Lil Ruth Cemetery on same night as 1800's one.
    Click here to watch Lil-Ruth-Down-here

    Little ruth again
    Click here to watch Lil-Ruth-I-wont-hurt-you--cough-Who-are-you

    Some of these scare my team members... but I assure them its fine and they won't hurt you they are like us and express their feelings. And sometimes they just want to be left alone...but we can hear them say that then and there.
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    Thanks for sharing.
  3. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    Sure hon...EVP is my thing I might take a couple hundred pics and if lucky...very lucky might get something abnormal. I am more likely to get voices then photo's.
  4. The "Yeah" evp I also hear a mans voice saying "David" nice evp's, thanks 4 shareing :)

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