Is Paranormal Lockdown Fake?

Discussion in 'General Paranormal Discussion' started by Valak, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Has anyone seen the paranormal Tv show Paranormal Lockdown by Nick Groff ex-member of Ghost Adventures? I have seen a couple episodes of Paranormal Lockdown and I believe that this show is fake. Nick seems to come off as so casual and he is not a good actor at all, I don't know but he is totally unbelievable at best. The supposed experts they pull into the show are all paranormal has beens who are only trying to get back on to TV. How did this show ever make it on to TV. I assume that destination america is trying its hardest to pull people on to their network from travel channel. Every episode that I have seen from Paranormal Lockdown Nick seems to be trying way to hard, and the "evidence" that is collected from every location would be a once in a lifetime experience for seasoned investigators. How many fake shows is Nick Groff going to put up, until he retires. Don't get me wrong he seems like a nice guy, but he doesn't seem to be fooling many people either with his crap.
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  2. Suzzi

    Suzzi Residual

    Valak, I have to totally agree with you.
    I think Nick Groff is a fake ( puting it on for the cameras ) investigator.
    I noticed he has been using another fakers equipment Steve Huffs Geo box!
    It's a joke!
  3. Kitt

    Kitt Residual

    I'm copy/paste my Post from the GAC Forum..

    Well English isn't my first language but even then i have a really hard time to hear the Words when they use the Geo Box.
    I never really hear the "yes" out of it and it seems more like a deception.

    Then you have the 2 (3) Investigators in a House and they don't know what each other is doing?
    Like in one of the newer Episode (Monroe House) when Nick was in the Basement and Katrina was yelling "Nick where are you" repeatedly and even after finding him she kept asking and this happens a lot.

    Not to Mention that they had Grant Wilson in it.. totally switched my opinions about Nick..
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  4. Suzzi

    Suzzi Residual

    Hi Kitt, totally agree with everything you said. Especially running around when they know where each other is because the camera is on them.
    I watch it for a good laugh. Can't be taken seriously.
    I enjoy southern Paranormal with Kat Angel? Kat has street credit? Her shows are live constant for 3-4 hours.
  5. Terry R

    Terry R Residual

    The show really does suck. I tried watching it once but could only stand about 10 minutes before shutting it off.
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  6. Suzzi

    Suzzi Residual

    I watched The episode with the Monroe House as I was curious about the house. Nick was in the crawl space under the house and he was being touched screaming like a girl. When Katrina who was above him in the kitchen was run around rivalling Nick where are you? When she knew and pretty much ran straight to him. Lmao
    It's comical?
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  7. Cathy

    Cathy Residual

    Yes, I agree paranormal lockdown is a fraud. I can't stand both of them cuz the guy is such a crappy actor and the girl is just such a nicey nice girl...
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  8. Emilyloveascifi

    Emilyloveascifi Residual

    They don't do a lot of investigating. 72 hours in a place and all they do is sleep
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  9. Suzzi

    Suzzi Residual

    So true Emily. Have you noticed on quite a few investigations there is no conclusion? I really think Katrina is lovely and genuine but there is something dodgy about Nick. Especially using Steve Huff/ bluff contraptions.
  10. Shakes73

    Shakes73 Residual

    First time I have watched Paranormal Lockdown was tonight, watched 3 episodes.
    Things I have noticed 1. Nick apparently had gotten scratched by something down his back while in a crawl space but yet they never showed said scratches. 2. They placed cameras all throughout the mansion in one episode and claimed they had seen various things but yet never showed any video footage. Except once which was some yellow cartoon stick figure lol. 3. Amazing how they can capture the voices so well, one of their devices looked like aluminum foil and Christmas lights. 4.How come they never know where the other one is at? Even when their 4ft away from one another they still calling out their name.
    I don't know I'm no expert. It does make for an interesting show I guess. I'm going to have to call BS on this show..
    OH and what's with all the fancy lights all over their equipment?
    Also why not use a Ouija board instead of the fancy equipment? Just curious.
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  11. Shakes73

    Shakes73 Residual

    LOL was thinking the same thing. I'm like DUH your looking right at him. And why didn't they show said scratches that he had apparently gotten on his back.

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