Is Ghosts of Shepardstown Fake

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  1. Barry Milstead

    Barry Milstead Residual

    P.S. When we lived there, Shepherdstown itself was just nine square blocks, and a country town. Now, it's trying to be an upscale, trendy "must see" place. The two or three cops are just itchin' to give you a parking ticket, ($10 fine) never mind "Ghost busting". Meanwhile, the ONLY place in the whole town you can get a decent meal is Betty's Restaurant, which has been there forever. the rest of the joints are too "hip" to serve anything edible. Great desserts at the Sweet Shop. Beyond that, the place is a bust, and desperately needs tourist bucks.
  2. Barry Milstead

    Barry Milstead Residual

    Oh, yes. There was also an occasion one evening when we found a baby's footprint on the outside of the living room window. All of the family insisted that those draperies be closed at night after that. We never knew what might be looking IN......
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    Thanks for the insight Barry...!

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