Is Ghosts of Shepardstown Fake

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  1. Has anyone seen this new show by Nick Groff on Destination America? I just caught the first episode last night and not only did it seemed way overly produced but it came off as extremely fake. Everything down to the interviews seemed rehearsed and dramatized, I am really surprised that Nick stooped to this level maybe that is the reason why he left Ghost Adventures. Here are some of the main reasons why Ghosts of Shepardstown seems fake to me.
    1. The show claims the local sheriff reached out for help and assembled the paranormal team? REALLY?'
    2. The team is seen driving randomly and walking through the town looking for people having experiences and then all of the sudden someone just opens there door welcoming them and their camera crew in.
    3. If any part of the above is true than, how can we just assume that the paranormal evidence that they are supposedly collecting is real..
    What are your guys thoughts on this show?
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  2. BonezSax

    BonezSax Residual

    All TV paranormal shows lately seem to be garbage. Ghost Adventures seems blah, and especially the new ones that are coming out seem fake as well. I agree with all the above points and that is why I prefer to watch ..We just need to Tim to go out and travel to more locations!!
  3. Romancandlle

    Romancandlle Residual

    I haven't seen it yet. I was pretty convinced Ghost Adventures was fake after watching the first few episodes but once they started getting some evidence that would be pretty tough to fake or (at least) you would have to be pretty damn creative to fake, I bought into it. I'm convinced Zak doesn't fake evidence at least. He may fake some emotions and in some instances his head is messing with him or he's placing words/names/scenarios that are just too convenient to be true just to try to fill the episode with some drama but I don't mind it.
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  4. Brenda Loper

    Brenda Loper Residual

    I totally agree that Ghosts of Shepherdstown is staged. I couldnt believe Nick Groff would do a show that was so obviously fake. Everything is set up just too conveniently...
  5. Witchster

    Witchster Ghost

    I watched the whole season and it does seem far fetched that a local sheriff and the town as a whole would be so open, Nick Groff as a person I respect, don't get me wrong, loved the show as a show, but not sure if I believe in. What was being shown, the shoes was a bit bizarre lol I mean it could be credible, but as always I stay open minded, We as viewers put our trust in these investigators, so I would hope they wouldn't just bullshit us to make a buck.
  6. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Did a quick search on YouTube and apparently there is a lot more people who believe that Ghosts of Shepardstown is fake and that Nick Groff is a paranormal fraud.

    To me if this clown is faking stuff right now, after all he is the producer too of the series, than I think it would be safe to assume that while he was on Ghost Adventures he probably faked stuff. Perhaps that's were he honed his craft?

    I find it funny how people support this guy, because he's a nice guy? There a slew of sites like week of weird that used to be legit are no longer in my eyes due to the kick backs that they are taking from Nick and his events. Oh well it's funny how we as a paranormal community place blindly place our trust investigators as our idols just because there on tv
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  7. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Hey guys I have seen only one episode and I don't remember which one it was, I only lasted 10 mins in and I fel asleep. o_O
  8. Witchster

    Witchster Ghost

    I did say I respected him, as I would anyone, but it is us as individuals in what we believe to be true or fake, I also said in short that it was too good to be true, but can any of us truly say as the general public looking in on all these shows whether they are fake or not? We ain't there, we can only really go on personal experiences, these shows just make us more open minded to the paranormal .
  9. Witchster

    Witchster Ghost

    Sorry Tim missed the right thread that was to valeks comment lol
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  10. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Its okay, I guess the problem that I have with the show is that how they portray the whole town and even the police force in it.
  11. Witchster

    Witchster Ghost

    Yeah I agree, if it was that haunted than surely the whole world would know about it and it would be full of press, but I just think that all paranormal investigators should be shown respect until otherwise proved to be a fake
  12. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    So from the posts i guess its not even worth checking it. I saw some show going on ID extra, guy was making evps while walking, and then wondering what that noise came from, and im like wtf dude are you serious
  13. Ghostgurl1963

    Ghostgurl1963 Residual

    I have watched the whole season and I feel something isnt right. I try to be open minded but a whole freaking town ? Even in the opener the sherrif says these people are scared to death. Most people that have an experience are not in any rush to tell someone because they don't want to be called crazy or ur imagining things over active thoughts. And who calls the cop's and says I think I have a ghost in my house hurry come quick ! Most certainly that person would be laughed at by the officer's . 911 is for actual emergencies not for ghost hunting ! Something just is not right about it all. Just sayin.
  14. Lee Keensnach

    Lee Keensnach Residual

  15. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

  16. Cassyemery

    Cassyemery Ghost

    Yeah that show was so over dramatized which is really's very obvious they were faking it...and the paranormal lockdown I was so excited about but then I can tell a few episodes in its crappie which sucks be a useful it makes the people who really have stuff happened. To them seem less creditable because of this fake shit..
  17. Fay

    Fay Residual

    I don't know if the show is faking evidence, but I have lived in that area. I was born in that area and I know the house I spent the first four years of my life was haunted, the ghost cried so much that my parents couldn't keep a babysitter for us. One even left us children in the house alone because she couldn't stay. Then, I moved back up there after I got married and the house my husband and I lived in, just one town over from Shepherdstown was haunted. So much activity happened in that house from doors slamming shut on their own without windows being opened to our curtains being tied up in knots. Both my husband and I heard growling, like from a large animal, in the house. The night before we officially were moved out, the house made so much noise we couldn't sleep. Guys, whether the show is real or not, that area up there is extremely haunted, I've experienced that, first hand.
  18. CocoPetruzzelli

    CocoPetruzzelli Residual

    Yeah no it's crap and I've slept thru everyone I've tried to catch too
  19. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Is show even still on the air...I hope it isn't...Nick Groff is nothing but a FRAUD
  20. Barry Milstead

    Barry Milstead Residual

    The TV show is CRAP. BUT, I agree with FAY. My family lived just outside of Shepherdstown WV for over 25 years. It sounds cliché, but our house was built pretty close to a Tuscarora Indian burial ground. (At LEAST 11 stone covered mounds) We regularly heard footsteps, whistling. cars drive up (with no cars there) things crash loudly (with nothing fallen or broken) and other odd noises. Doors would mysteriously lock. Items would appear and disappear. If you were alone, you had an overwhelming feeling of being watched and someone else was there. We had one window no one ever dared look at after dark, and even some of our guests admitted they were afraid of or didn't like that window. BTW, There was a house next door, closer to the mounds which was built to a clergyman. Once he moved out, the house mysteriously burned to the ground. There are MANY ghosts around Shepherdstown. That bunch on TV couldn't find them if they were listed in the telephone book. Barry

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