Investigation of a 1800 brothel and hotel

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    Last night I went to investigate a hotel brother that is now a bar in my town the employee and owner have things come up missing or being thrown. The upstairs is completely abandoned and that where the brothels were held. Before leading this investigation I went to the library and dug up some awesome information about a secret society called the knight of pythias which is a secret society based on greek mythology and rituals also I found thier rituals are based off of " contacting a supreme bieng" we also found symbols upstairs carved into the old door frames. I also found where there was a African American women had been murdered and laid died right in front of the building but nothing else was mentioned which is common for it happened in 1917. So with all this is spent 6 hours in this building got one awesome intelligent evp and my video camera picked up a blue I wouldn't even call it a orb moving with its own path and then pausing so here are some photos from the investigation and I'm going to try to put on the video clip and evp. Hope you guys find it interesting!

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