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Discussion in 'show discussions' started by tim_livescifi, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Emily Nicholson

    Emily Nicholson Residual

    Awww...I love Elmer "kill the wabbit"
  2. BubPacha77511

    BubPacha77511 Residual

    Hello my name is bubba and im a livescifiolic...
  3. Hi I’m Lynn from the UK, Love anything to do with the paranormal.The afterlife is one of my goals. Can’t wait for the Sally House. Not at work so can watch it. Looking forward to it. ;)
  4. Delleena

    Delleena Ghost

    Hello All. My name is Delleena and I live in for Northern California. My son and I have been LiveSciFi fans for about 6 or 7 years, and we try not to miss a single show. Thank you Tim for all that you do for us.
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  5. Ugne

    Ugne Residual

    Hi Everyone! My name is Ugne, I was originally born in Lithuania, but currently reside in the Netherlands. I have taken interest in the paranormal ever since strange happenings occurred in my own home. As for now I have been watching livescifi for 3-4 years, the live shows actually made me feel sane and brought a comfort feeling, if that makes sense. Anyhow, haven't been too active in the live-chats (call me shy in nature haha), but gonna try and change that!
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  6. Wolf Collier

    Wolf Collier Residual

    Hi! I'm Elbie, Wolfy C's from South Africa I've been watching about 3 years now, I'm a full believer of the paranormal and a big livescifi fan. Love the live streams. It proves that the investigations are 100% real!
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  7. chewlip

    chewlip Residual

    I am an old viewer. I was thinking yesterday actually that I've known you 11 years now!!!
  8. Victoria A

    Victoria A Residual

    Hello livescifi fam, my name is Victoria and I live in New Hampshire but originally from New Mexico. I've always been interested in the paranormal, when I found livescifi about a year ago I was hooked .
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  9. TehSalade

    TehSalade Residual

    Hello, I'm Steph, also Moarnoobthanu in the youtube chat. 29, and in PA. I do not recall how I came across Tim's channel on youtube, but I do not regret discovering it. I've had paranormal experiences most of my life, even before I understood them to be paranormal. Eventually I plan to get some equipment and explore the field even more, maybe even create a group.
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  10. SinfulAngel666

    SinfulAngel666 Residual

    Hello I'm 38 from Arkansas in half native American got a like bit of asian in me but mostly irish my family came from longford Ireland home of ghost and paranormal lol but just wanted to say hello and been a fan since u was on justintv
  11. PandaDeere

    PandaDeere Residual

    Hello! I'm Amanda, 29 from Indiana. I first discovered LiveScifi when they were in the Monroe house in Hartford City, IN (close to my hometown) and I've been a close watcher ever since. My best friend and I are amateur ghost hunters and go to quite a bit of graveyards and things. Currently this summer we're looking into going to Waverly Hills!

  12. FullMonty

    FullMonty Residual

    Sup, Kevin 30, been watching Tim's iron sack for a year, calling out ZoZo like a pimp. Lol he has my support an respect.
  13. ChrisV

    ChrisV Residual

    Hey all I'm ChrisV, I have been watching for a really really long time now since you had the Welles House.. ❤️ It was really fun to watch that for a month long investigations that was really cool..
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  14. Qandisha

    Qandisha Residual

    I am from Tasmania, Australia (the fairly large island off the south east coast of Australia, that everyone forgets about).
    I have seen an apparition of a nun and ever since childhood, I can sense things.
    I enjoy the community that Tim has created.
    I am travelling to New York (literally the other side of the Earth - takes forever to get there) in July for work. I have a few days of freetime, does anyone know of some spooky things I can do????

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