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    i live in North Dakota. And I live on a farmstead that has been in my family since the mid 1900's My wife and I love my my dads old house which used to be my fathers grand parents house. My grandma and grandpa lived in the same farmstead and past away awhile ago. Lately my wife who has been super sensitive to spirits has been asking me about my family. She has been hearing my grandma and grandpa in my house. Which doesn't bother me but got me really curious. Any ideas on what I should do? They aren't doing any harm whatsoever ever. We are guessing they are just watching over us
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    That's kind of a hard one because I want to say go get a voice recorder and get some evps but thatI got open the door for things to come right into your house. So I would just pick and choose how you want to contact I think if it's just what you think is your family then maybe leave it alone lol i don't know i have this rule where I don't do any evps or paranormal work in my home because it's supposed to be my "safe zone " . But its all up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.
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  3. ask if your grandparents are just observing everything is ok? totally out loud. You will get a response from them in time.
  4. Maybe u can do some history digging on the land the farmstead is on, I am sure ur town hall can give u some history on the land it is on, that might be a good place to start. It's from the 20th century, online find out how farmers used to live in that time, the way they dressed, etc, if u ever see a ghost appear from that time period u know it might be an attached land ghost, just a few ideas I would do.
  5. About spirit presence in a home, look sometimes threw the corners of ur eyes, you can then see shadows or glimpses of something, don't do it if u get scared easily, the key is to never have fear, keeping also a positive mind, being heart centered, that is a good protection of self, further, if they don't bother anymore, give them their own space like u have ur own space, most people keep a diary of events happening, is advised a lot by paranormal investigators, I believe this can also have an opposite effect, some spirits dont like u blog their events, they get hostile towards u, so it's about finding a balance in things, use ur intuition on what u feel is right to do, that get's u a long way.
  6. Sorry friend, a typo : if they don't bother anyone, give them their own space like u have ur own space.
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    Hi, I think I feel the words "listen" and "grandfather". Maybe your dad's grandparents are trying to communicate with you and let you know about an upcoming pregnancy. Are you and your wife thinking about having a child?

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