I'm guessing site chat got the axe?

Discussion in 'Chat Issues' started by Anna Haim, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Anna Haim

    Anna Haim Residual

    So yeah I just now found out after posting this that it got shut down. Not just because of the drama but because of cost. I don't know about others but I'd be willing to pay a subscription to use the feature. It's $60.00 a month on Tim's end. If for example 12 people paid $5 a month it would cover it. Or 20 people paying $3 a month. 20 people paying 10 cents a day to me is a bargain. Keep it open to everyone but maybe give those that pay some sort of special features? Just an idea.
    I feel partly responsible for it's demise and want to do what I can to make it right.
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  2. Carisa

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    Tim didn't take it down because of the cost. Tim didn't mind paying at all. I don't know where the money thing came from? The reason Tim shut it down was because of Drama, people disrespecting others in the chat. Then when Tim would go live or do an archive no one was no longer talking about the show. That's why it was shut down.
  3. Anna Haim

    Anna Haim Residual

    Yep we were all guilty of talking about other things.
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  4. carabear

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    Thanks for asking, Anna. I was super curious, too. I, for one, didn't mind chat being unrelated sometimes. But anytime I saw something or had a question about the show, my question was answered within seconds, whereas the Youtube chat I have to continuously spam questions for a while until I get any sort of definite answer. I'm really disappointed. I was just getting to know everyone. I really liked the chat and never once did I experience any sort of real drama, besides being told to shut up while having a conversation with you guys in the middle of the night, minutes before the chat was removed. I feel like there are a plethora of regulars that would be interested in moderating if Carisa needs a little help keeping things under control (not that she doesn't do a great job, I just know that YT chat is 39482032x more chaotic and hard to keep an eye on). I enjoy the live broadcasts but I really only stuck around to continue to watch because I loved the environment of the small, cozy chat. Tim made his decision, though. Gotta respect that. I'll see y'all spamming the YT chat soon enough.

    RIP fun.
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  5. Anna Haim

    Anna Haim Residual

    Whatever the reason it's gone, it will be greatly missed. :(
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  6. Kellee

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    It sucks that people cant respect the chat :(
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  7. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    chat is back up for next weeks show! lets see how it goes !
  8. Carisa

    Carisa Poltergeist

    Yay! Sallie house coming soon
  9. Candie6672

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