Identifying Hostile Entities and Dealing With Them

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    I cannot see how anyone can qualify spirit photography without being able to see Spirit. I have seen too many pictures on these websites claiming images to be spirit. You can pick up any number of anomalies on film without actually having them be spirit, and yet on these websites, they post these pictures and claim them as ghosts. An example: living on the Northwest Coast, where there is a lot of precipitation, I have seen pictures from one of these people who claim to be a “ghost hunter", at a local cemetery. These pictures were taken in the middle of the rainy season and had obvious water droplets on the camera lens in the picture, and yet they claim the cemetery was full of spirits!

    At SASWS Paranormal, we have taken a number of photographs from different sites and have been able to pick up spirit activity in our photographs. The most common spirit energy in our photos are orbs. Our cameras are our most sophisticated equipment. I use my visioning ability to determine where spiritual activity is without the use of electronic devices when we examine haunted sites. My point being that the investigation of paranormal events is best performed with the aid of a shaman.

    These people proclaim the only type of spiritual activity is benevolent. Even though there are hundreds of years of documentation from many cultures of demonic entities, evil spirits, possession, etc., these people insist on proclaiming that there are only benevolent entities. A haunting can remain seemingly benevolent for years, until the right events take place and the energies of the activity change. I have seen this happen many times. Any haunting has the potential to be dangerous. Spiritual energy can attract other energies, and the "spiritual resident" of the haunting can be something else than it is pretending to be, waiting for the right time or person before it becomes active. A ghost can also be angered by someone attempting to alter the condition or situation of the haunting, such as remodeling or cleansing the energy of the location. The subtle signs of the potentially dangerous haunting can vary. Examples are: 1. The entity manipulates the physical surroundings, such as moving objects. This has the potential of becoming more threatening. 2. Dreams in that location become nightmares involving threats or attacks on the dreamer. 3. Sensations of discomfort in the location of haunting, such as headaches, etc.

    With all that is happening right now with the “Time of the Cleansingâ€
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    Very Interesting...has anybody seen DSGuthrie lately? He might be interested in this article.
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    Until someone can prove to me that spirits follow religion, and can be forced to leave by quoting the scripture of your choice, I am even more skeptical of exorcists than I am of evidence of least scientific, logical investigating techniques can be objective. The feelings, impressions, visions, etc. of purported psychics are subjective, at best.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a believer, and know several gifted people, as well as some psychic experiences of my own. The balanced approach of using tools and sensitives seems to be the most successful investigating style I have seen, and the subjective can usually be corroborated with objective evidence.

    When I finally see real footage of an exorcism, or cleansing, or assisting a crossover, that has correlating objective evidence of the entity leaving, I will no longer be skeptical of "trained" exorcists......

    the guy who doesn't even fit a pagan mold,
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    As I stated... "My point being that the investigation of paranormal events is best performed with the aid of a shaman." - I did not say to REPLACE the scientific approach, I said "with the aid of" meaning in addition to. As a shaman on a paranormal investigation, I am able to guide the investigation team to the best locations to attempt to gather evidence, which often works well.

    As far as proof that the entity has left the victim, you might as well ask for proof of God. The act of exorcism is not casting out any entity by reading any mumbo-jumbo from a book - it is a battle of wills with the entity being weakened to the point were it leaves the victim. Now anyone who has done any paranormal investigation knows, it takes more strength from an entity to make an appearance (full-body apparition) - a weakened entity is NOT going to have the strength to make an appearance when it has been weakened by an exorcism to state that it lost the battle and is leaving now, nor will its remains lay upon the floor for all to see - it simply vanishes like... a ghost. The only proof that is ever seen is the victim saying that they no longer feel the presence of the possessing entity. Occasionally there are pressure changes, and even audible noises like pressure being release - but nothing ever visible.

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