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    Love your avatar! Thanks for your comments! I'll be on-line tonight as I guess the 'team' is checking out a morgue.(?) There HAS to be some lost souls and the like in places like that. When I was a 17 year old senior in high school, I worked a few jobs over the summer, ... one being a "floor man' who's expertise was to strip, seal, and finish or wax various tile/terrazo/limestone floors appropriate for the foot traffic expected. Anyway, I was assigned to strip-seal-and finish the basement receiving area in a Mortuary in Phoenix in 1969. The funeral home had been in Phoenix for many, many decades - probably had seen many a cowboy or shootist come through on the slab around 1910-30 - with just as many creaks and groans throughout the old place as my 90 year old grandad had! It was 2 stories tall with a huge basement/cafeteria(?) below. The initial flooring was a hard, solid wood, then at one time been upgraded to the old linoleum tile squares that degrade over years and is a real b*tch to prepare and finish with modern day floor compounds. I was looking at completing the 5,000 sq ft basement in about 10 days. To make the place look and seem like the old munsters house, I think they ran 40 - 60 watt bare light bulbs throughout the basement which cast more unearthly 'shadows' than I care to remember. The embalming room was directly above where I chose to start working on the floor and it was hard to keep my mind on what I was doing as I heard every delivery of some poor soul who's last ride ended at Mortenson/Kings Mortuary. I also heard the scraping of various wheeled carts, trays, and the grind of heavy cylinders being drug across the floor, hearing stainless steel instruments being dropped onto a tray with little ceremony... and of course the embalming machine with that penetrating 'whirrrrring' that even reached my ears 1 floor below. Ok, ... now that you have a sense of my surroundings, ... I started work everyday at 7 AM being let into the basement by the on duty embalmer who I swear through osmosis or some unGodly process that he himself had taken his turn on the slab, .. right out of Hollywood casting, this man must have been 6 foot 6 inches, gaunt, white haired, in his late 60's or early 200's 8-[ . His manner was friendly, yet each time his eyes would meet mine, I imagined he was sizing me up for what proper needles, catheters, or trocar I would require when it was my turn, ... guesstimating my weight and blood volume to ply his trade on. (Habits of any profession maybe as I did the same when meeting people in their home, ... quickly assessing flooring and carpeting mentally inventorying what I'd need to do to save the patient so to speak. Onto the story, each day I heard disjointed and unattached sounds in the ante room right off the wooden stairwell that people negotiated to gewt to the basement for viewing the selection of caskets ... all under the 40-60 watt bulbs. It was dusty and dank, and every nook, cranny, and shadow had; memorabilia, unclaimed cremains, commercial wreaths with witty send-offs, candelabbras minus the wax, old, I MEAN OLD transport guney's with the padding or mattresses still retaining the depressions of uncountable deceased humans sitting silent as if begging, "Next!, ... no waiting" I had heard many sounds each day and as I puffed up false bravado that any 17 year old kid would do, I merely 'whistled past the graveyard' as I slung foam, seal, and finish until 5 PM when old 'Digger O'dell' would let me out of the basement with that all knowing grin and still calculating eyes. One particular day, I decided to become even more bold and try to talk to anything or anyone making the noises. That day is when I heard the plastic wrapping being pulled off a vertically stacked casket in the basement ante-room and the unmistakeable scraping sound of heavy yet hollow aluminum across a cement floor. I stopped what I was doing, was approximately 50 feet away from the ante-room and in all my 17 year old wit and machismo, managed to peep-out, "Anybody there?" Nothing. Then more scraping. I remember asking 'whomever/whatever' was doing the scraping if they needed help as the grinding wasn't doing the casket finish any good. Still nothing. Well, I had to go past the ante-room to get to the stairwell to the main floor and to my truck. As I approached the doorway to the ante-room, I saw one corner of the heavy plastic sheeting that normally covered the model caskets moving as if being pulled. I again asked if anyone was there .. with no reply. I decided just to make a power-walking beeline to the stairwell and not to look back. As i stepped into the ante-room, I remember feeling as if the ante-room was a refrigerator because it felt freezing as I passed thorugh it. I did glance at the plastic which by now was bunched up under a small table next to the vertical row of caskets ... with one particular, bare, casket standing at an odd angle with both 'lids' propped open about 2-3 feet to keep it from falling over. As I scooted up to the first floor, I found a young funeral director who's father was one of the co-owners of the mortuary. I told him what had happened. He looked at me with a kid's zeal for discovery and said, "Well, Let's go see!" I wasn't too thrilled about taking 'sparky' down stairs with me as he wasn't any bigger than a popcorn fart with my ego telling me he'd be useless in a life or death struggle with a plastic-pullin', casket movin' spook, .. but then I remembered how big Audie Murphy had been and felt somewhat relieved! As we arrived, I saw another casket with half it's plastic pulled off. The room was still very cool if not cold which sparky said has always been like this since he remembered. He surveyed the situation then told me it didn't make sense that the casket just took off it's plastic and 'waddled' out into the middle of the display floor. When I started telling his again what happened, he interrupted me and said, "Look, you didn't have to make this up if you just wanted to look inside a casket to see what it looks like, but you damaged the aluminum finish on the bottom which will cost to repair." I asked to speak to his father, and soon we were standing in the basement - all three of us - trying to figure out what happened. Basically what the outcome was was that barring no other explanation, damage would be assesed to my carpet and tile company. My boss was livid and took my side since I had never given him any reason not to trust me. The floor remained incomplete, we never got paid for the portion I did, there never was any resolution to the moving casket, and I felt bad that I seemed to be the catalyst of the whole affair! It wasn't until much later in life that I started believing in being able to work with entities, ghost, spirits and the like, but anytime I hear the word mortuary, I remember my moving casket and the sounds of someone pulling off plastic sheeting and stuffing it under something. It's unmistakeable and even more spooky when you can't see the entity or person who did it.

    So, ... in my round-about, landscape and scenery methodology, I look forward to watching tonight as the mortuary gets investigated. Should be good and hopefully revealing!
    Thanks to all who stuck with this post!
    -Bad Lieutenant
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    *caaaaaaaaaa-racking up here*

    OMG..."popcorn fart"..."digger o'dell"..."Sparky"

    You're a hoot. OMG, you're an absolute HOOT!
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    :lol: :lol:
    My turn to suggest we have another budding author amongst us!!
    You should soooo write a book BL....or better yet......help me with mine!!!! :shock: :lol:
    Did I mention that BL has a great post earlier in this very thread on the similarites in conducting a homicide investigation and a paranormal investigation? Very well worth the read!
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    ... thank you both!

    :D ... thank you Melanie and KM for your words of kindness. I do go on sometimes when I get all wound up about something, ... if I could ever give anyone some advice that I've lived with all my life and continue to do so, it is this: NEVER and I mean NEVER take yourself so serious that you can't at least laugh at yourself 100 times a day. If given the yin and yang choice to either laugh or cry for eternity, you know what I'd choose!!! :lol: In the scheme of things, we are all miniscule, but yet as a group doing positive things, we can change our world. If I could ever meet someone who has the like sense of humor and is a giant among wordsmiths, it is Stephen King. If I was ever lucky enough to settle down long enough to eek out a book, I would feebly attempt to imitate King's ability to describe people, places, things, and the unknown with such claritiy, caricature, and vision, that If I ever acheived that, I'd probably soil myself!
    Thanks again ladies and as always, ... it is soooooo nice to keep in contact with those who are special!
    -Bad Lieutenant
    P.S. Thanks for the mention of my past post, KM, ... yes, I feel everyone who is seriously investigating, documenting, helping, and putting closure to incidents of the unknown through spiritual invitation should be labled as 'Death Investigators' after all, the similarities between Homicide Investigation and ghost hunting are quite close. It's just that one oculd involve a death hours earlier, .. the other, a century ago. Both seek the .. truth, and that is admirable!!! :wink:
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    Just a small update on whats been happening with me.

    I went down to California last weekend, with Noah and Spike in tow....When Noah found out we were going to the old property the first thing in the car was SPIKE! Somehow along the way, Spike disappeared ( I think he fell out at a rest stop or restuarant along the way) needless to say, Noah was so distraught over losing him!
    The property seemed so very sad and empty. I went away feeling very depressed over that was left there. Kayla has seen Vincent twice since I left...which she doesn't like to talk about but forces herself out of obligation to me i think.
    I'm really very happy and content in Montana so I'm not sure if I ever want to go back again at this point. I'm sure that will change as a little time passes.
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    i miss vincent... :(
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    I'm sure Vinny misses you too Tim :idea:
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    Hi Krzy. I am sorry to hear about Spike.. and I miss hearing about Vincent as well.... I thought I'd pop in and take a look to see if anything new was going on with him.... and you... I don't visit her often but when I do I always check here. Take care...
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    Thanks EJMJ, it's always nice to hear from you.. :D
    The book is coming along nicely, and I hope to have it done in 2009. There won't be much left out of the book as far as experiences go, so there will be a few surprises included. I didn't talk about everything that happened to us at the house in the forums because I wanted to keep the discussion about Vincent. I'll keep everyone posted with information on the publication as soon as it comes available to me. I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Thanks for all the support you all have given us over the past year....most especially to Tim and Company!!!
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    I've been meaning to get back in here and post my own "Vincent" experience. I'd hoped to have seen it again, but so far, he's eluded me.

    To give a little background - I live a small town in the middle of Iowa. There are other small towns all around us and we're about 20 miles from anything that could remotely be considered a "city." One evening about dusk, my children (son is 13, daughter's 11) and I were traveling away from our little town, across the river and about 5 miles to the next town. My daughter and I were in the front seat and my son was in the back.

    As we approached the more rural area just outside of town, in the center of the highway, a figure caught my eye. It was dark, tall and while not entirely transparent, I could see through it. I shifted my head a little bit to the left and right thinking maybe it was a glare on my glasses or the windshield. Even as I turned my head, I could see this thing moving. It took long steps/strides in almost an overexaggerated marching stance as it moved from the middle of my lane into the space above the ditch before it disappeared entirely. It may have taken three strides or so (to cover about a 10-12' distance). I can't remember if it had hands or feet, but I do remember it had a very large head (or what I assume to have been a head..it was more transluscent than the body, upper arms and upper legs were) and it was unbelievably tall - at least 7½-8' tall.

    I watched it from the time I first saw it until it disappeared milliseconds before we passed it. It reappeared long enough to show up in my right passenger mirror, but by the time I looked in my interior rear view mirror, I couldn't see it anymore. My daughter asked me "What was that, Mom" so I know she saw it too, though I don't know how much she witnessed and she is vague on details as to what it looked like. My son, unfortunately didn't see anything. I called KrzyMoose immediately and relayed exactly what I saw and the comparisons to Vincent were uncanny.

    We watched for it again on the way back home, but couldn't see it. We've driven back that way several times and I haven't seen it again, but I do keep my eyes peeled. I sincerely hope to see it again, if for no other reason than to prove it wasn't my eyes playing tricks on me.
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    I've had a similar experience. Years ago I was driving from a restaurant with my Mom. It's was just dusk. I was in a string of cars, maybe 10. I saw this tall dark figure walking from the right up ahead into traffic. He was real tall and was wearing what I thought was an "Abe Lincoln" type stovepipe hat. At first I thought it was a "trick of the light" But it was too real. The traffic didn't stop and he just disappeared. I said to my Mom. "Did you see that guy?" She said "Yes, the man with the black knee boots?" I didn't noice the boots. It all happened pretty quick.
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    Wowzers...seems to be a pattern forming here. Lets hope more out there have experiences...I'd love to hear them. Keep watching mel and bkiff...my Vincent only appeared when I least expected it tho...so don't go looking
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    wow Mel and bk, reading these latest happenings gave me a chill! I want to hear more!
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    Very interesting.....
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    wE Were in california the last week as most of you know. During the drive home Noah opened up about seeing Vincent...although he said he wasn't sure if it was Vinny but after hearing his decription, i'm pretty certain the ellusive one was present.
    Noah said he saw him running on the road right in front of the house and it didn't scare him but thought he looked pretty wierd (his words..not mine) LOL
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    Hi Krzymoose, I was thinking about you the other day so thought I would pop in to see how things are with you at the moment. I'm glad to see you are feeling settled and content but what a shame you had to move.Although I completely understand why you did. I don't think I would have hung around as long as you did.So just letting you know that although I'm not around I'm still thinking about ya and wishing you all the best.
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    I've Been asked to be a guest on an upcoming blogradio program and have accepted. You can get updates on this tuesdays show by visiting http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Veridical-Radio I'm excited and apprehensive of course.. :? as this is the first venue outside of Livescifi that I have agreed to talk live about my unusual story. So hope to see you all there!!
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    Hi ya Moose! The show was great, honestly seems like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and to listen to you talk about the experience without the intense worry in your voice was so uplifting!
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    Thanks Gloomy, and I have been meaning to apologize to you for confusing you with EJMJ who actually copied the thread from taps for me....I get you and her mixed up...and have no idea why LOL...anyway thanks for your support, I really appreciate it!!! HUGS
  20. GloomySiren

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    Phew! I thought I was having a senior moment!

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