I have No Earthly Idea what this is......Continued.....

Discussion in 'Paranormal Experiences' started by krzymoose, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Well I guess Moose you have the record for the longest and longest running thread...lol

    So when was the book coming out? Can I get a cameo? something like man at computer?

    I got a little freaked out the other night standing outside my house about 3 am during an livescifi investigation , I went out to smoke and was hearing some weird noises and then like something running....I went to look and all of a sudden about 15 deer came flying over my fence and scared the hell out of me. Now I live on a 15k acre ranch and so its really dark out here at night and what ran through my head was your jogger running past me.....lol
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    LOL STMAC! Difference would be Vincent is silent lol...

    Not sure if the record is a good thing or not. It certainly has been an interesting ride in trying to figure this thing out.
    The book is about 3/4 of the way done.....and hopefully sometime this spring I'll have more info to put up. I did start the website up for the book if anyone wants to check it out at http://www.noearthlyidea.com Please sign the guestbook...those who do might receive a surprise one day :D
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    omgoodness about the deer stmac!

    krzy! I popped in to get updates and I am currently enjoying listening to you tell your story on the paranormal radio.. I did find the link for the recording of the show! I visited your site and of course signed the guestbook. I have just moved homes - after 26 years - and been rather busy decluttering and purging - and have not been giving as much attention to the Paranormal side of things online as I used to do.. now I am getting settled I will continue to follow Vincent and your story and of course wait for the BOOK! ejmj aka Cath :D
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    Thanks Cathy (EJMJ)
    During the show, I mistakenly gave credit to Gloomy for copying the forum on CD for me, and have corrected that mistake..sorry for that. :cry:
    Thanks again for all your support, it certainly is important to me!!!
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    Oh, one more thing...they have invited me back (Veridical Radio) since there is still so much to talk about...I'll post info when I get it!!
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    Thanks to those of you who checked out the site....more news coming really soon!! :shock:
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    So I see that noone brought this up yet, guess I will.

    Ever heard of a Rake? What you describe fits the beast perfectly. I would advise you take a look.
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    I've def heard of the notorious "Lizard Man". I lived in SC for several years && heard talk about it. Haven't heard anything since I've been living bk here (NC) tho, until u just mentioned.
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    Im in NC also Danielle
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    What part of NC are u located??

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