I hate this Apartment complex.

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    Well it's not really a complex, but its right on the main drag of our town and there's about 8 apartments over a shop, it's an old late 1800's-early 1900's building, with four stories. The ground floor is the shop (At the moment a toy and second hand store), the second floor is the first four apartments (Including mine), the third floor is the other 4 apartments, the fourth floor is storage. These apartments were not always apartments, when the building was first made they were offices for lawyers and doctors. Later on in the 1900's the offices were split in two to make 4 apartments on each floor. Currently I live on the second floor of the building, but I used to live on the third floor in a different apartment. Now the third floor had only recently been made available about a year before, as it had been closed off since 1970, and the apartment I lived in on the third floor had just been opened for the first time 2 days before I moved in, so I was the first to live there since 1971.

    When I lived on the third floor is when I had my first and only real paranormal experience, it was when I was watching the show as often as I could, And it was during the summer, I wanna saw Late july or some time in August. It was a small apartment, 4 small rooms. It was basically only a one person apartment. Anyway, I hate sleeping with the door closed. I don't know why but I hate it, it makes me afraid to, however for some reason this night I chose to. I forgot why. I had no pets, I had no fan or air conditioner running, no heat was running and all windows were shut and sealed completely, There was no breeze at all. Nothing. It was still. But when I closed the bedroom door it wouldn't stay closed. I didn't think much of it, it's an old building after all wood warps, buildings settle, things like that happen. No problem. The apartment next door to me at this point was still closed off, and it had piles of junk from previous owners back in the 70's and 60's, along with some of the landlords stuff in there. So I went in and grabbed two cinder blocks.

    I carried them back to my apartment and closed my bedroom door tight and pushed the cinder blocks against it to keep it closed. There was no light source in that room at all, no lamps, no outlets, no overhead light so it got very dark. I went to my futon bed on the opposite wall and laid down. I was in the half awake, half asleep state when suddenly a huge BAAAAAAM! jolted me awake. It was loud and hard enough to shake the wall. I grabbed my glasses off the floor and looked up at the door where the sound I felt came from. The door was two feet open. My heart was racing in my chest, I completely froze, my mind trying to find any explanation but none was there. Like I said there was no breeze, there was no way for it to blow open especially with two cinder blocks. I didn't have any pets or animals. It was 3 am no one had been in or out of the entire building. I listened to see if maybe someone was in my apartment but that made no sense to me either, why not just come in or run out if you're going to run? I heard nothing. I realized I had to get out of the bed in order to get to a light source, since there was no windows in my bedroom either.

    So I got up and went to the door slowly opening it, I shot my hand out to the light switch to my living room, when the lights came on, I saw nothing. I checked every nook and cranny, closet, shelves, cupboards, any place small enough for a rodent to fit into and big enough for a human to get into. There was nothing any place. My front door and windows were still locked, I opened my front door and checked the hallways just in case, nothing. I got out on my fire escape to check if someone was out there or running through the back parking lot, nothing. Everything was dark quiet and still. I didn't sleep that night, I had been living in that apartment for about 3 months, and figured whatever it was didn't like me closing the bedroom door. So I took the bedroom door off its hinges and told it fine it had its way with the door but thats it, I'm staying.

    I lived there for about 5 more months with nothing else happening and then moved down to this apartment. Everything is fine here. Tonight the apartment next door to me currently is empty, I went over there with my mother to help clean out what the tenants had left behind. This apartment is the one directly beneath the one I used to live in on the third floor. While I was there I had alot of anxiety and felt something was off about the apartment. It was too quiet and still, yet it felt suffocating. I remember saying to my Mother "Something isn't right about this apartment." And I left immediately, and went back to my apartment a few feet away. Of course the anxiety that apartment gave to me (I was fine before, I don't even have trouble going into my old apartment where I ha the experience with the door, that apartment NEVER gave me anxiety or made me feel uncomfortable), well the anxiety is still lingering and now my apartment is very quiet too. I don't know maybe the anxiety that apartment filled me with is making my brain crazy. But I am not stepping into apartment 3 ever again.
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    Sorry to hear all that you are going through have you tried saging the apt.?
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    I've had issues with an entity (or entities) in my house. Your BEST bet is to get some incense and charcoal discs such as are used by Churches. (available on line from websites like "St.Patrick's". Google "Religious Incense".) Get an ashtray or small dish. Hold the charcoal with needle-nosed pliers and hold a lighter under the edge until it lights. Set the charcoal disc down and place some incense crystals on top of it. Pray for protection from evil, cleansing and healing while the incense burns. Yeah, it sounds like something from an old "B" horror movie, but TWO Anglican priests recommended this to me, and it WORKS. You only need to do this one or two times at the most to cleanse your environment, and I live in a two story house. BTW, the charcoal and incense are available in different quantities, so cost can be minimal. Highly recommend the APOSTOLIC style of incense.

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