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Discussion in 'Paranormal Equipment' started by L.Gaunder, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    I'm curious if anyone has tried one of these before?


    Ok what I read the whole concept is this.... This is a hunting cam. It has IR lights for night of course and a motion detector. Now they are claiming that they can be used for Paranormal investigating as the spirit trips the motion detector it will snap a pic of the spirit.

    Anyone used one before and any thoughts on if it would REALLY work??
    Heres the info on the cams not the one in the pic tho thats an asian site *LOL*
  2. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    way too expensive and overprice, basically this is something that everyone can make at home using a motion detector, camera, and couple of parts from radio shack..toot toot
  3. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust Residual


    I have five of them which I use as camera traps for motion detectors. I bought mine.

    Tim there is one thing these offer that home made jobs usualy dont, it is weather proof, and mine can be pad locked shut to prevent tampering.

    the thing is you HAVE to tape off half of those LED lights, there not meant for indoor use and will just give you bright white images of nothing instead of what tripped it.

    They are very sencative, the ones I have will go off if so much as a nail rolls on the floor. It just depends on your budget, and if you want something that can be left over night without issues.

    Mine I set up, and then I leave and let them do there job with NO ONE there, and then go back and check them.


    You use these like a deer hunter would, you set them up let THEM tell you where the activity might be, then go back and set up your on site investigation accordingly. Otherwise they will be going off every two seconds as you go back and forth.
  4. windsong

    windsong Residual

    Oh, thanks for the info on that Wander.....I was thinking of getting one.
    Anyone know about "Parabolic Microphones"....I was checking them out on the web...looks like the good ones start at about $1,000 and up. More interested in the gun type.

    Anyone have one?
  5. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust Residual


    Ah your talking bout a directional mic, and there handy for some things, thou for paranormal work I wouldnt want one, if the ghost isnt right infront of it then your not going to get diddly. Thats my opinion of course. These are similar to the large boom mics used in tv and news to cancel out any background noise IE: The cameramen, director..etc.

    I may be wrong, I believe Daryl is a audio tech so should be able to help you in this matter more then I>
  6. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    Think I asked about that in another thread in here, and I believe it was $34?

    I also saw in some sportsman catalog lastnight, same concept as what shannon had at Waverly, its sorta like a hunters hearing aide and boost the sound up.

    Found it Noreen, it was $40 here: ... -dish.html
  7. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    This came up today..pretty cheap and has 6MP's

    Moultrie® Game Spy® M-60 6.0 Megapixel Digital Game Camera
    # Features: 6.0 megapixels
    # 1.5'' built-in picture and video viewer
    # Wireless Remote Activator and Finder
    # Rapid response time captures moving game
    # 150-day battery life
    # 50' flash
    # Password security feature
    # Easy-read photo strip
    # Barometric pressure reading
    # Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo and video
    # Color day and night pictures
    # Video clips during the day
    # Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera set-up
    # Time lapse mode
    # Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
    # Upgradeable software
    # Weather-resistant, airtight camera housing and seal
    # Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (sold separately)
  8. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust Residual


    Says no longer in stock.

    With these one brand is just as good as another. JUST MAKE SURE it supports removable SD cards so you can reload it and review the evadence with out having to take the camera down.

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