Hell House Ghost Hunt October 2017

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  1. DjMommyD

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    Nicole hi! It was you that was getting the same visions as me. I kept trying to remember who it was. I'm not mind reader. Just a sensitive/empath. Lol. But yes, I saw that thing in the closet the first stream. It does come out of the closet, it had those long tenticle things wrapped around Tim's chest. And before the first stream started I kept getting something about dogs and everyone was picking fun about it. But I'm feeling something. I know patch will be ok in body but the thing about that house is it affects the mind.

  2. Margot

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    Yes, Jentt
    Could be lightening, or whatever it is, a good catch.

    Any update on what is going on? Next live show>
    Do you guys remember the ouija board sessions Tim did in the brothel / now a hotel, when the spirit talked about fires??
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  3. I felt that too when Kristin had a headache & when hers went away I started too getting a headache from out of nowhere
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  4. DjMommyD

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  5. DjMommyD

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    Geez. Wonder what's going on. I thought the were doing live streams every night except Sundays and 24 surveillance. Hope all is well. I get to worrying about Tim sometimes, just like family.
  6. jentt

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    Thanks Teresa :)
  7. jentt

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    I took a short video of the video if you scroll up. Teresa did too on twitter
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  8. jentt

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    Thanks :)
  9. DjMommyD

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    Does anyone know what's going on with the live shows? Haven't heard a peep out of Tim. I've been all over Twitter and LiveSciFi.com lol I thought there was supposed to be shows every night except sat
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  10. LisaC

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    Are Tim and Kristin ok? Neither one of them has posted anything on social media for several days. Weren't the fires getting real close the to Hell House last time they were doing live broadcasting?
  11. It's been three days' since Tim did a live stream & I hope he & patches are ok ! & I hope nothing horrible happened at the hell house !
  12. TehSalade

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    I’m concerned for Tim and Patches. Wasn’t Celena supposed to be there as well Monday?
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  13. Samantha

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    I hope they let us know wth is going on soon. This is nerve wracking and frustrating. I really hope they are ok cus this stuff is no joke.
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  14. Kyleakadub

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    Agreed it's odd to that all the social media and yt go dark this long. Tim usually is on twitter daily lol.
  15. DjMommyD

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    I know...wish he would update Twitter or something. Tim should know by now that his viewers are a bunch of worry worts. Lol. Hope all is well at the Hell House.
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  16. LisaC

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    YAY!!! It's back on tonight!!!!!
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    Does anyone know what's going on yet? This is starting to worry me. I live in California and know that that house is right in the middle of the fires that are burning all around there. Has anyone heard anything from Tim?
  18. DjMommyD

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    Tim and Celina are together and they are both fine. Tim has been feeling out of sorts the past few days but he will be back at it tonight!
  19. DjMommyD

    DjMommyD Residual

    I know! It's gunna be fabulous! I wonder what time it will be on. I literally have to force myself to stay awake and wait for it to come on. I'm such sissy about staying up late. I never used to be that way. Guess my 30s is finally catching up with me. Lol. Hope to see u in the chat! I'm djmommyd
  20. Cool I will be there also in chat !
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