Hell House Ghost Hunt October 2017

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  1. tim_livescifi

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    This year Halloweens ghost hunt will start next week at a location that is referred to as the Hell House. The Hell House is a private residence that the livescifi.tv team has been invited to investigate due to its claims of demonic activity. The house is relatively small (1 bedroom, 700 sq) but the property rests on a 1/2 an acre of land which is also reported to highly active. The home is within a block of cemetery were numerous demonic beings have been reported, close to a defunct asylum, and is close to native american burial grounds. The home has had multiple deaths, and has even driven people to states of psychosis.

    Some of the reports of activity include
    • Dark Shadow Figures
    • A Grotesque half owl / human
    • lightning strikes in home
    • walls ooze with unknown substance
    • sounds of water dripping with no source
    • disembodied voices
    • physical attacks
    • psychological attacks
    • objects moving
    I will be inviting numerous investigators and asking for your help as we try to document paranormal activity in this home, so that the home owners can get exorcism / cleansing on the home.

    The main parts of the investigation will air on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook
  2. Margot

    Margot Residual

    Cannot wait, think I need to 'chuck a sickie' and stay home to watch the show!!:D
  3. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Tim your a bad ass, this location sounds amazing - can't wait!!!! Where is this place?
  4. TankGirl

    TankGirl Ghost

  5. DjMommyD

    DjMommyD Residual

    Hell yes! I cannot wait! So glad to see the Savage back in action! I so wish I could go on an investigation with Tim and the crew. It would be absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to be a part of a paranormal investigation and experience all this craziness for myself.

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  6. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Tonight we will be doing a 2 hour show! Kristen and I spent the weekend cleaning up the house since we are going to be staying in there investigating, and the house was a complete disaster. The house had no locks so we had to get some installed and do some basic cleaning to make it habital lol..During the process we uncovered a bunch of strange things, there was a ton of stuff from the church of satan, flour around the base boards, cloaks, candle drippings on the floor, cemetery maps... The house overall has a weird feel and I cannot wait to investigate it this month.
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  7. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    Sounds creepy & interesting. Can't wait to see what you found & what evidence the investigations will uncover.
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  8. DjMommyD

    DjMommyD Residual

    Oh hell! This investigation is going to be goooodddd. That's absolutely nuts all that stuff you guys found? Flour on the baseboards? Whaaatt. I'm super 'sensitive', I'm honing my skills so everytime I get pumped on one of your live streams off the wall stuff starts happening. My dog stares in the kitchen while it's dark and barks, she will take one step in and then backs up and growls. My smoke alarm went nuts today in the apt. No smoke whatsoever and it was like a straight ear piercing screech. Not the beep beep that's typical of those. Alot of us viewers, especially those of us that are sensitive get some residual from the shows. We are a tight knit group and u know what? It's allllll goood! Much love Tim. Sending positive vibes to you and Kristin! I'll be waiting on my shout out tonight.

  9. wat time? im excited
  10. DjMommyD

    DjMommyD Residual

    I'm still up waiting. Lol. No word on a time or what platform it's going to be on. Hopefully soon. I'm keeping my eyes glued open for this. EST here so it's pretty late. Lol but I can't miss the Savage in action!
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  11. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    looks like a thread blowing in the wind but Kristin says there's no draft. This was when she was in the shower
  12. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    I'll go back when I can to get the exact timestamp
  13. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    Just went back and its around 2:34:00
  14. Teresa Athman

    Teresa Athman Residual

    jentt I got it Timestamped at 2:34:06
    Hey jentt and LiveScifi, I got it Timestamped for you at 2:34:04 to 2:34:06. Closer to 2:34:06
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  15. Samantha

    Samantha Residual

    Has there been any word about when the show will resume or what is going on?
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  16. DjMommyD

    DjMommyD Residual

    I was wondering the same. I worry about them being in that house alot. I'm sensitive, not as talented with my skill as Kristen is, but enough to know that that place is dangerous, and the demon is the closet is very dangerous. The house is not just physically dangerous but psychologically dangerous as well. There is a fight going on between good and evil in the Hell House. But if you find out when the show is resuming please do let me know. Tim seemed to be exhausted last night, and Kristen was leaving, unfortunately. Hope all is well tho.
  17. DjMommyD

    DjMommyD Residual

    That must be that lightening inside the home that Tim had listed as one of the things people had witnessed with that house. Good catch. I'm just hoping Tim will go live again tonight.
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  18. Kyleakadub

    Kyleakadub Residual

    I tried to watch it but the video is unavailable now :(
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  19. Kyleakadub

    Kyleakadub Residual

    I hope it's tonight, I can't wait to see what they find in this place. Seems like it could be an investigative goldmine.
  20. That's the things that I pointed out to Tim & Kristin beforehand & I saw the creature waiting for Tim in the door way & im a super sensitive & super empathic & I wondering when Tim is going too let us know if he is ok & if patches is ok also I worned tim that it wasn't a good idea too be bringing patches too that place!
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