Have you had many sensitives get profoundly seduced by places just from watching

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  1. Was wondering if anyone has been profoundly effected by the live shows, I am sensitive as are my 2 girls.
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    I'm not exactly sure what I'd classify myself, I've not had anyone professional tell me but I'm a sensitive (see spirits, sense them incl gender and feelings, can communicate though not vocally yet, get feelings and some dreams etc before events happen). Anyway, I haven't yet been visited by anything as I do try to ground and protect myself. I have had energy drain, nightmares etc before, during and after a show. Whether they're connected, I don't know.
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    Hey there, over the years I have received emails from people who claimed to be affected from the shows. However I do not think that the activity is being transferred from the location to the home, rather the viewer is being more aware of the environment around that they are living in. Does that make sense?
  4. I'm not a professional investigator and have no work experience in it, I think I know what u mean Tim, ur shows bring more awareness to paranormal activity, can unconsciously or consciously make people think about their own property they live in. Wondering if it may be haunted too, I know mine is, I believe every home is haunted automatically, I read things about that in feng shui, ur house number, is the amount of house guardian spirits / daemons there are, for example, my house number is 27, in numerology it is 9, in feng shui 9 does not count for house guardians / daemon spirits, so they refer to 1. That would mean I have one house guardian spirit / daemon in my appartment I rent. I am aware it is haunted, cos I experience paranormal activity, not like to the extreme, not much happens to say, I am dead scared of living here, I been married, divorced, been single now for 6 years, in all that time I been living here on my own, I feel relaxed and safe in my home. They just make sounds sometimes to say: hey! I am here. That's it. They never physically attack me, the vessel spirits I have, they told me from beginning, that they will never try to scare me on purpose. Sometimes I do get visit of spirits that dont have any right to come in, I been thinking of using voodoo houseclean products to protect my home.
    What I also know helps a lot is Feng shui practise, thanks to feng shui practise, I been able to keep alien visits outside, they can't enter my home anymore, cos I used the feng shui grid, to harmonize my home, its not enough yet for some spirits, that I am finding solutions for, my artwork I made to protect a home has also changed the energy in the home in the very positive, my friend Tracy Quinn, has one gifted by me, she loves it, till now she has not reported anything negative yet about it, I asked her to keep me updated how her experience is with the protective feng shui art I made based on my spiritual knowledge as a heritary eclectic witch.
    I Always study further in my free time, I hope to do this year a course on spiritual attachment, by Hdparanormal Uk.
  5. Sorry I wrote a type fault: I am NOT dead scared of living here, I been married, divorced, been single now for 6 years, in all that time I been living here on my own, I feel relaxed and safe in my home.

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