Haunted Two story House in Corona, CA

Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by MrCashGift, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. MrCashGift

    MrCashGift Residual

    I live in a house, and at first it was mild, but it seems to be getting bad. We have a bedroom and in the guest room no one sleeps there but guests. The owner of the house is my brother's wife. When guests sleep in there, they dream about the worst things, even getting killed. Most of the guests hate sleeping there because of their dreams.

    the room is now there and just there. The recent times, my computer mouse pointer moved by itself, it typed out messages to my brother that says "WHO KILLED ME" and did some weird things. It emailed my brother and the IP address came from the same computer that the message was typed on. Very strange things have been happening. We hear footsteps, the lights flash in the stair case sometimes, we have a step that cracks when pressure is on it and sometimes at night you can hear it. Doors slam, and the lights in the dining room sway back and forth. My brother had dinner last night with his wife downstairs and the light swayed, then an earthquake later on... he came upstairs and asked if I felt an earthquake and I said no.

    People hear things like screaming, and I was on a skype call with a friend and he said he heard a door slam and a girl scream. also things are tossed around in the guest room, broken, and also my brother claimed he felt someone choke him. At this moment I am typing, I feel I am not alone, and once I mentioned to get an investigator over here, the house has gotten worse. I need to know what I can do. The events seem to be getting worse. there is more to the story but this is basically the idea of this haunting in this house. The air is extremely thick in this house, almost like a black veil.

    Thanks everyone, i'll be around

    My email is
    MrCashGift@gmail.com if you want to email me.

  2. master_T

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    brian there seems to be a lot of things happening at your house. have you done any background historical research to see if there was anything that happened there in the past? you are not to far way if you would like our help let me know.

  3. spooked_1

    spooked_1 Residual

    Welcome Brian. Sounds like a pretty active house. Would love to get in there and figure out whats going on.
  4. MrCashGift

    MrCashGift Residual

    Hi there everyone thanks! Well, if you are interested the house is open to investigate. I would check the history of this house, but I don't know where to look. If anyone has that kind of ability i'll even be glad to give my address out so you can check it out. I work in a small online business that I send addresses out to everyone so I do not mind who has it. I just know there are things in here. Just last night, I heard pressure on the wall behind my bed, and someone walking around the wall. It's a weird feeling.

    Any help is appreciated. I have a question. I was going to do EVP but I have my headset. Is this enough to hear it? I use Audacity too, I can go ahead and do EVP's and see what I can hear. Also, I have a video camera I wish it was infrared but it is not. Anyhow, this house is very active... during the night mostly. During the day SMALL things could happen but always nighttime is when things are very active.

    If anyone is serious about this house and working with me on seeing what is going on I'd love to participate as well. I ghost hunted years back, but all my equipment is gone but my knowledge remains. I live up in the Corona Hills, not sure exactly what grounds this place used to be at.

    Thanks everyone, look forward to speaking with anyone.
  5. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    brian ill send you a pm this weekend and see what we can do for you. helping people who go through paranormal activity is always a high priority.
  6. MrCashGift

    MrCashGift Residual

    Wow thank you, I appreciate that. Also, I have one thing that always happens to me. I get cuts on my arms but also "hives" but they are not typical hives. Ever since I got into this house I noticed that I would get these lump like things at night and at night only. Very weird. They burn, and itch, and I dont know what do say much. I do know, this has been happening even before I played with a Quija board last Halloween because the spirit said my bro was going to die October 21, 2008... Its scary because everything we asked that board came true. but we know the spirit has been around for years.
  7. Anddos

    Anddos Residual

    using the ouja has opened up a door for a enity and now its stuck with you messing with your head , playing games
  8. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    no problem cash...have you tried saging the house, and yourself. sometimes that can quickly rectify any spirit attachments. in some cases a cleansing may need to be performed on the house, and sometimes the person who is involved. anyways just giving you a heads up.
  9. MrCashGift

    MrCashGift Residual

    Hi there, never have tried saging. How does it work? I just know that there's something here. We don't pay much attention to it, but we know its around. Seems to crave attention though!
  10. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    This is how we use White Sage in our group.

    Simply light the smudge stick and blow out the flame until you
    have a glowering ember ash which gives off a strong white

    Smudging a work or living space:
    Carry the sage smudge stick throughout the space to be cleared,
    sweeping the stick away from your body and in one single
    consistent direction. This “pushesâ€
  11. Red Porch

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    Yeah there's a blonde girl there. She's not really at your house, it's two houses away, she walks across to it. Put no trespassing sign up, add some teddy bears with gutted stuffing, send a message.

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