Haunted Satanic Cemetery Walk with Kristin

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  2. When K went to get Ouija after he was spinnning around at one point he stopped and far back in the bushes I saw black mist. I've been wanting to go back and pull it- it was right before someone said something about looking at the bushes and he mentions it.. I need to go back!! That black mist I think popped up a lot!
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    2 faces in tree_LI.jpg
  4. Yep and look over ever further to the right again. I see something .
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    I seen it too but figured it was just a person visiting.... cool Im not crazy!
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    That is so creepy. You guys have a great eye for this stuff!
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    This is kindeed of werid...I was rewatching the first cemetery walk and in the beginning when you guys are at the tomb area and tim is sitting down a man walks off in the distance then seems to hide behind a tree and is watching you guys do evps I thought that was super creppy because that could be a still very active satanic ritual site and he was watching you guys then saying those other people were watching you...idk it was definitely werid vibes !
  8. IMG_20170329_121005.jpg vOk...so for those who have a good eye for detail, re-watch day 1 of the cemetary walk and watch from 28:10 onwards. As Tim was asking what was conjured..check out the black marking on the wall beside him. It definitly changes shades of black so very suttle, definitly wasn't the shade of Tim nor the trees ...gotta watch it. The screenshot doesn't do it justice. Also right before he asks that question, a very small flash (orb) went into the corner beside him. SPOOKY!

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    Shadow figure caught by viewer?

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    Anyone else notice that this face looks like the mask Tim did the show on the other day...
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  11. Yes. I hopefully has the same body...mmmm

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