Has anyone ever seen a UFO?

Discussion in 'UFO's and Cryptozoology' started by Daniel, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Residual

    Hi everyone, I want to ask you if anyone has ever seen an unidentified flying object? I want to know about their appearance, do they really exist and anything more that would be related to them. So, if anyone has any info on them, kindly share it.
  2. bkiff

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  3. Come to Arizona if you want to see U.F.O's...
  4. master_T

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    believe it or not i believe i saw a ufo on my way to bobby mackeys when i was flying to denver, the object looked cigar shaped and flew a little lower in altitude from the plane i was in then zig zaged out of site at a high rate of speed..and no didn't have any bloody mary's on the plane that day. lol
  5. Delleena

    Delleena Ghost

    I'm pretty sure I have seen two. One was in 78' it was during an outdoors event, hundreds of people where there. All of the sudden all power went out and what looked like thousand of light bulbs went over the top of us all without making a sound. Then as fast as it appeared it disappeared, and the power came back on. The other time my father and I were sitting on the front porch just watching the sun set and what looked like two separate object began darting all over the sky off in the distance, this darting movement went on for about a minute then both instantly went off in different directions.
  6. Herman

    Herman Residual

    The same here, it is indeed hard to say about their existence. There have been many discussions on this topic and it still goes on. There have been sightings on them and it has been reported on various places. For more information, you can browse the sources that hold information for them; one which I recently visited which had good material on them.

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  7. kimbers1963

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    I also believe I saw one when I was 13. My girlfriend and I were riding our bikes home from swimming at the local swimming pool. We had a ways to ride because we lived on the outer edge of our town, so it was kind of like being in the country. It was just starting to get dark out. I would say about 9:00. We lived behind Mays trucking (some of you may see Mays trucks come through your state) so we took the dirt path behind the trucks to get home, suddenly up in the sky but some what low we saw something with a bright orange color to it just kind of hovering above us. It almost gave you the feeling it was watching us then in a instant it was gone. To me it looked like it went side ways, but it left so fast that it was unreal. We were riding our bikes so fast to get home. Talking a mile a minute trying to get our parents to believe us. They knew we seen something because of how upset both of us were. I don't believe that either set of parents believed it was a UFO though.
    On the other hand my Dad was a trucker his entire life and had a couple run ins with what he believed was UFO's. It was out in the Nevada dessert both times. He said there was a lound sound and the truck stopped. Not until it left did his semi finally start again.
    I believe in them after what I saw. I'm not sure that I believe little green men are flying them, but I do believe something is out there.
  8. Nightowl

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    I have seen things I can not explain more then once. Starting back in the 60's when I was a teeenager. And continuing on through my life. I have a report on MUFON of an incident that happened in July of 2006! It is exciting ,yet disturbing to see something you can't explain. I guess the feeling of vulnerbility is overwhelming.
  9. starbaby1226

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    I would have to agree Arizona is a great place to see UFO's . In 1986 on christmas night, something had crashed in to the supertion Mountain shattering, when it hit the mountian top. It was like fireworks and the goverment Officers cleared everyone out that was close by. Choppers came and went, lights flashing and shinning everywhere as they were looking for something. I was about 16 years old at the time this had happened. I was visiting my Great Grandfather at the time he leaved in Apache Jct... I was at the camp ground when this was going on.
    Around 1968 give or take a year or two, when they removed more then 21 bodies from that same mountain. They claimed they were hikers/cliff climbers that had gotten stuck on the mountain.
    Around 1987 I was swimming on the Salt Lake river enjoying the bands playing when something bright came down the river at a fast pace it was just two or three feet off the water and went under the bridge missing it by inches. It was almost as wide as the river give or take a few feet. Anyone that was close to the water was slightly burned. From this flying object. Everyone was pretty freaked out. At the same time they thought it was cool.

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