Ghost Mine Fake Kristen Luman - Meet Your Real SyFy Cast

Discussion in 'Paranormal TV, Books, Radio, and other Media' started by tim_lsf, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. tomjohansang New Member

    The funny thing is that all of you "very serious paranormal investigators" have normal day jobs and then put down others for what they do in their day to day life. The girl has a decent education and all you do is talk crap. It seems to me that she's pretty clear about hypnotherapy being her job and like most people who follow the paranormal thats a hobby/interest to her. Truth is all you putting her down would take her place on that show in a heartbeat and thats what you're really upset about. Jealousy its such a sad human emotion.
  2. Casombra Well-Known Member

    I really don't see where you get the idea I would be jealous. I have a master's degree in nursing science and worked as a registered nurse and DoN for years and have retired. I am happy with what I have accomplished in my life and jealous of nobody. The paranormal is not "a hobby/interest" to me. I have lived with the paranormal all my life as I have seen and communicated with spirits since I can remember. I am sorry that you feel threatened by the truth, that a show such as Ghost Mine, Ghost Hunters and the like ARE to some portion or completely faked. They could not get the ratings at all if they did not get some "evidence" nor would they get the sponsorships. Shows like those are for pure entertainment value, nothing more.
  3. Mslolabunny Member

    why can't she just be good as a paranormal investigator? As I have stated before there are actor's and actresses that are paranormal investigators.
  4. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Well she "states" that she is a paranormal investigator but if you read DNAParanormalTX's response there is no proof she HAS ever been a paranormal investigator, so you tell me... is she just NOW a paranormal investigator because of the show? As many of us know, it takes years of going out to graveyards, abandoned towns, old house, etc to get any experience of being a paranormal investigator. You just don't start being a paranormal investigator by being hired as cast in a TV show.

  5. Mslolabunny Member

    you say TOMATO I say TOMATO lol looks like its just a difference of opinion lol no harm no foul. And now a days anyone can go out and investigate lol I know I have every now and then ;)
  6. tomjohansang New Member

    You forgot to include her response.......I'm assuming you didn't find it relevant since it doesn't support your attack....

    Hii Nannete, Thought I might help clear some things up for you. Yes I was in three "independent" movies with three bit (emphasis being on bit) parts which all were filmed around 2004 and 2005 back in my college days when I lived in Oregon. A friend of mine worked as a producer and I thought it would be fun. This was not a career move. 3 bit parts 6 years ago in 3 independent films does not a "professional" actress make. The years of the movies are the distribution dates not the years they were actually filmed. As for modeling...yes my mom put me in stuff since I was a little girl but I did not attend college for 4 years and receive my BA in Psychology and Certification in Hypnotherapy to become a "professional" model. I'm 5'3 lets be honest. Third and most important, SyFy never tried to hide I am a hypnotherapist. I mentioned it... in my first radio interview. If anything it adds to my credibility of understanding how the mind works and how some paranormal experiences can actually be our minds chemical reaction to fear/anxiety or something it cannot explain. I state in episode 1 that that is how I investigate.I don't talk about hypnotherapy on the show because I thought it might confuse viewers since it is still not completely understood by a lot of people. You're right about my hosting. I host things I'm passionate about. I host programs at the Hypnotherapy school I graduated from.You could also say I partially hosted Ghost Mine because I am passionate about the paranormal and investigating it. I can see by how just "Googling" my name you could have come up with these misconceptions but unfortunately Google isn't always correct. Thanks for your time.
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  7. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    I think she left out how she put her education emphasis on parapsychology at University of Portland, I would be really interested to hear about that.
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  8. Casombra Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: Another horney nutcase.....
  9. Kenaris New Member

    you calling someone a nutcase is the pot calling the kettle black so good job.... it always gives you excellent credibility when backing up a creepy wanna be stalker
  10. Casombra Well-Known Member

    If you mean I back up what Tim and others have said about this show being fake how does that constitute stalking or being a nutcase? Seems YOUR the one stalking here with your negative crap and trolling. Listen if you don't like what is presented here then you have the same choice as anyone else.... DON'T COME HERE.
  11. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    I find it quite funny how gullible people are. Didn't your parents teach you, that not everything you see on TV is real..
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  12. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Obviously not Tim. Case in point, I actually knew a person that believed all that stuff in the National Enquirer was real. Sadly we actually have very gullible people that will believe anything on TV... "Gee they would not dare fake that crap! After all that person has is accredited/degree/crackerjack box accreditation, etc!!!!"
  13. this show sucked and i managed to only waste 10 minutes of my life on it lol
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  14. polar13 New Member

    So if paranormal studies is not available, and you need top notch paranormal investigators or it's bunk. Why bother watching shows. Taps had two plumbers (Mario and Luigi) running their investigations. The show that goes all over the world hunting mythical creatures brings in SyFy actors to help out all the time. The big thing with all these shows is the never find anything. Asking questions and using their equipment isn't that hard. Look at the footage, sound, personal experience and tell the TV audience. Kristen Luman is beautiful and smart, doesn't mean she is any better or worse than every other ghost hunter on TV except she's studied in college.

    The lady in question responded to this article back in Feb. explaining a lot of your questions. Look at the first comment.
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  15. John Davenport New Member

    Is this show still on? I thought they cancelled it. Most of the SyFy crows were getting a little tired of Ghost Hunter clone shows. They had about 4 or 5 and everyone was kinda getting tired of the same old scripts.
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  16. sylverwolf70 New Member

    Anyone who says that Hypnotherapy is not accredited obviously does not know what they are talking about and has never even done the research! If you just look up the school's website for HMI then you will see that they are accredited through 2 different agencies that are recognized by the department of education, so what does this mean, it means that hypnotherapy is recognized and it does work and Kristen obviously knows something about it! Just because someone did a little acting, and a little modeling doesn't mean that they can't be a therapist later on in life! Have you ever thought that these things were how they paid their way through college to begin with, I seriously doubt it!! I've known exotic dancers who are now lawyers, and nurses that only danced to work their way through college and support their child simply because it was good money, and fast money, and so is acting and modeling!! So before you go saying something is fake check it out fully, oh and as far as the little 9 year old following the shadow, my 12 year old niece would do the same thing because she's curious about things like that, and works in a haunted house every year since she was 8! Some kids are naturally curious and don't know fear until they see something like red eyes inside a black shadow which is what that little girl saw if you all remember!! So now if any of you want to check out the school and see that it's for real here's a link to it!
  17. chewlip Don't rustle my jimmies.

    Ok, I'm going to close this thread, it's getting boring now.
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