Ghost Mine Fake Kristen Luman - Meet Your Real SyFy Cast

Discussion in 'Paranormal TV, Books, Radio, and other Media' started by tim_lsf, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Casombra Well-Known Member

    All I can see is this show is unbelievable and the cast is unbelievable. As far as I am concerned they can have degrees up their asses and still suck, in which they do. I say give it up tomjohnsang as many of us can see and smell FAKE from all corners of the world.
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  2. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

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  3. Casombra Well-Known Member

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  4. Cap New Member

    I am less concerned with the reality of the show, but enjoy it on its own terms. If they could find someone with some acting experience and an interest in the paranormal, more power to them. Based on other interviews I do believe that the original crew left the mine, the new crew did not appreciate the presence of the investigators since they were there to mine gold and that perhaps there is something there worth investigating.

    Like any other thing on television I am sure that it is edited for drama and that there was a film crew could not have helped affect the story.

    Kristen seems to maintain that she has an interest in paranormal psych;

    And Doyle is sticking with his story
  5. Pvt_Beat New Member

    It is what it is...A TV show. Could it be legit? Absolutely. Could it be faker than reality animation (using such a drastic analogy just to prove the point)? Absolutely. The fact of the matter is, if we're not there to know exactly what is going on, we will never know what actually goes on. I'm positive that the producers and whoever else, make the show more dramatic than reality may put it, but it's TV and that's how they make it to lure in people from all over the US. I believe, scripted for the sake of the show or not, that there is something unnatural lurking in that mining town. However they want to script it, change it, make it creepier, still doesn't change the fact that there is some strange things happening there.
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  6. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    I just find it highly unlikely that any TV channel would put a budget for a paranormal based show at a single location not knowing if stuff was gonna "happen" or not..Everything is Fake on TV period..including ghost hunters but thats a completely different story.
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  7. Boostedmopar New Member

    Believe it or not, I heard about the filming of this show at the Crescent Mine while at our mine's camp not far away! I am definitely new to mining, but I know enough to say the show is fake. We already knew this, but having dealt with many things represented in the show, this fact is amplified. Air hammers do stop. In order to remedy the problem, you have to jar the tool. The "breeze" in the mine may be from a volcanic chimney, a good place to find gold. We see our breath moving in our mines all the time. There are also mice in the mines, they make little noise. Much of what happens in the show is so obvious I almost change the channel. I'm not saying that paranormal activity does not exist, but the incidence on this show are fake. I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record. I just hope this show and other gold mining shows don't create a flow of crazed fans to the area this summer that get into our mines or other people's and get hurt. Just what we need, a lawsuit! The Free Mason link is also a little far fetched. I doubt the Masons had anything to do with what went on at the mine, whether a Mason owned it or not.

    I will still watch the show, it's great entertainment! All reality TV is fake, it's just a fact of life.
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  8. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    Thanks for the input Mopar, its great to hear another's input whose not only familiar with mining but also the area. You were dead on about others potentially going into mine shafts trying to observe activity. It would of been probably a good thing for them to put a disclaimer warning people not to do so.
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  9. imhaunted Member

    So I just watched the last show of Ghost Mine tonight, could it have ended any more abruptly? I really like the show but anyone who believes that this show is 100percent real is out of their minds. Who in there right mind would give thousands of dollars in gold for a ghost that hasn't even harmed them. I find it hard to believe that the shaft just caved in and they decided to call it a season? really? I thought once you have gold fever its impossible to get rid of lol
  10. DNAParanormalTX New Member

    Ok.. I like the show for its entertainment value.. and would love to believe that it actually is a "reality" show.. but too much has happened for that to happen. But this is not about that. What this is about.. is this.. Tom.. for someone to try and backup another's claims (Kristin, regarding her education) as hard as you are.. you would think you know this girl personally. But the truth is, this girl is all over the web and not once, except for during an episode of "Ghost Mine", does she EVER mention anything to do with any aspect of her career concerning paraphyscology or anything else to do with the paranormal for that matter. As you'll read from the information below, she was and still is à model, a "licensed" Hypnotherapist" (and btw, has her own personal site where she even list and sales products/services having to do with this aspect of her career) and has even taken some pics at a "Girls Gone Wild" Magazine Launch, and a listed actress in at least 3 films. But as you'll read below, not once, has she ever been found to be a paranormal investigator, a paraphyscologist (not even a "class"), or have anything to do with the paranormal what so ever. So as you like to state so much, please do your research before making any judgments... lol

    So here’s the scoop. Kristen Luman’s profile on Model Mayhem may have suddenly disappeared once she took on the role as a paranormal investigator in the reality series “Ghost Mine”, but her information didn’t. A screen shot from April 15, 2011 confirms that she joined the site on Feb. 10, 2010.

    According to her profile on Model Mayhem, Kristen moved to Hollywood “about 2 years ago”. She has been modeling since she was little, hosted “OurCountry” for about a year and has since played in a number of films and commercials and held other hosting positions.

    IMDb confirms that Kristen Luman played in three movies: “Spiral”, “Harvest of Fear” and “Drama Queens”. In fact, Kristen can be seen in the trailer for “Harvest of Fear”.

    A photo of Kristen Luman listing her as a model at the “Girls Gone Wild” Magazine launch, dated April 22, 2008 further confirms her status as a model. A similar photo can be found on LazyGirls.

    But that’s not all. According to the American Hypnosis Association Luman earned a diploma of hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute on Dec. 12, 2012 and is a certified specialist in pain management, healing and weight loss. She has been a member of the American Hypnosis Association since 2013 and currently sells downloads of presentations on happiness, relaxation and motivation for $25 each, along with a special Skype session for $50. These are available from her site.

    Kristen may be a paranormal investigator, although a search for groups she has been associated with comes up blank, but she also has years of experience in front of the camera and training in hypnotherapy. Both cast some doubt on the authenticity of her role as a paranormal investigator in “Ghost Mine”.
  11. Boostedmopar New Member

    I thought the series ended a bit abruptly also. Once you get the fever, YOU CANNOT GET RID OF IT! As for caving in the mine at the end of the series, I'll bet they did it so that no crazed fans could go in and get injured or even killed on the off season. They probably just pulled down the entrance with the backhoe. It would only take a couple hours to reopen it with a backhoe. This makes a more convincing keep out sign than a padlocked gate that can be cut. I hope they have another season though, the show is entertaining.
  12. Mslolabunny Member

    here is my question Timmy, is the evidence fake as well? I mean come on so what is she is a actress can't an actress investigate as well? Look at Ghost Adventures they had 3 actor's on one of their shows 3 horror actor's I might add that do paranormal investigating. I enjoyed ghost mine maybe it was fake but still it was very entertaining to me and I liked it. I know I know "Ghost Mine" but shit like that does happen being from Colorado I have seen some freaky stuff in gold mines and I have heard some freaky stuff in a gold mine and there are legends surrounding gold mines and mining in general. So what's up evidence Fact or Faked lmao another show that has "actor's" in it btw :p lmao love you tim
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  13. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Ummmm I was born in Leadville, Colorado 56 years ago. My father worked in Climax molybdenum mine for several years before the strike in 1962. When that strike hit that is when we moved to Canon City and Dad started working as a guard at the Colorado State Penitentiary. I have been around mines and miners for most years of my life.. family members working gold and silver along with Climax moly. What I have found in my 56 years of life, is the towns are more haunted than the actual mines. Mines are many times dung underneath these towns and ghost towns. Many of these mines have natural conductors such as quartz and limestone, that is thought to enhance and amplify energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting.

    Just as Boostedmopar explained above in his post, " Air hammers do stop. In order to remedy the problem, you have to jar the tool. The "breeze" in the mine may be from a volcanic chimney, a good place to find gold. We see our breath moving in our mines all the time. There are also mice in the mines, they make little noise"

    I tend to roll my eyes with these type of shows. They are NOT believable and much of it is fake. I watch them for entertainment value at the most. The only ones I tend to believe most in any of those shows are Amy in the Dead Files because she is indeed a very good medium, though a bit whacky. And the three boys in Ghost Adventures. They too were paranormal investigators before they went to TV. Of all the "ghost" shows out there I would chose that I would say there is a "hint" of truth to them is Dead Files and possibly Ghost Adventures. The rest is a bunch of fake bullshit. All these producers care about is ratings and the all mighty dollar and don't give a shit about what the true paranormal investigating community thinks or how we feel that people are being mislead.
  14. Mslolabunny Member

    I have been in Gold Mines that are abandoned and have seen and heard things w/ my own eyes and ears so yes some mines I am not saying all can be haunted especially if tragedy happened. and dead files is not a ghost show its a conduit for info for those poor families that are being haunted that need help a different kind of help but help none the less. All I am saying is what about the evp's the picture's the thermal stuff that's all faked I suppose. whatever you have your opinion and I will have mine. That's why we have these forums to post our opinion's have a good day oh and btw that does not answer my question on whether or not an actress can be a paranormal investigator that was the purpose of my post to begin with.
  15. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    Well none of the evidence that I saw made my jaw drop...I don't know why all the sudden they decided the ghosts in the mine were bad at the end ...I guess its because Kristen suddenly became psychic ..oh wait she's actually claustrophobic - I guess that explains that..Anyway I just think that all these shows have gone to shit and are doing far more damage to the paranormal field and hurting people trying to really seek the truth.
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  16. Casombra Well-Known Member

    I so agree with your statement there Tim.
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  17. Casombra Well-Known Member

    In fact they can be and has been in many of these types of shows. Again what it boils down to is ratings and the dollars. They don't give a rat's behind about the truth and that in itself hurts true paranormal investigators working to find the truth.
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  18. Mslolabunny Member

    Well I hope that is not the case but then anything anywhere can be faked I suppose. YouTube live broadcasts ect. I guess its a you have to be there or watching it live
  19. serpent7 New Member

    I happen to know Kristen personally, and her education is as she mentions, and her ethics and intentions are solid. It is too damn easy to throw stones without even knowing the facts. The fact that she studied hypnotherapy at the best available School in addition to her college education should speak for itself. She is a qualified expert to be on that show.
  20. Casombra Well-Known Member

    I don't really know how you can be qualified for a show to gather ratings more than facts. But if she is good at acting and good at her job of acting then I am sure she is as qualified as any anyone on these type of shows.
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