Ghost Mine Fake Kristen Luman - Meet Your Real SyFy Cast

Discussion in 'Paranormal TV, Books, Radio, and other Media' started by tim_lsf, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    Over the past week I started looking into the cast one of the cast members from the new SyFy's Ghost Hunting show Ghost Mine, Kristin Luman. In the beginning episode she tells everyone that she is a psychologist with a skeptical interest in the paranormal. Me being the skeptic of any paranormal show decided to google her and this was the first thing that comes up.

    So shes really an accredited hypnotherapist? Well according to the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills there is accreditation process for hypnotherapy in the US.
    In her youtube video it says that she studied paranormal psychology at Portland University? That's weird can't seem to find any of those classes in their catalog...

    o wait now I remember where we saw her face before...go to 20 secs into the trailer

    You would think for something that SyFy claims is a "reality series" that they would actually get REAL paranormal investigators, who actually know what there doing instead of an actress...Did they learn their mistakes from GHI?
  2. imhaunted Member

    what a shame, its soo hard to believe anything on tv these days.
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  3. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    It would appear to be that SyFy has taken to adopting the based on a true story premise for their "reality series" that they air on their network. While basing some the show on fact, but most on fiction including their characters.
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  4. psiEnergos New Member

    "So shes really an accredited hypnotherapist? Well according to the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills there is accreditation process for hypnotherapy in the US."

    I won't debate you that she probably is an actress (the evidence would seem to support this), however regardless of what Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills says, there IS an accredited school for Hypnotherapy. I did not take their word for it though, I went to the US DOE Database of Accredited, Post Secondary Institutions and Programs site. Here, they provide an accredidation database file of all organizations accredited by agencied the DOE APPROVES. It is quite large, but if you filter the Excel version, you will find that it (Hypnosis Motivation Institute or HMI for short) was accredited by two agencies.

    However, I would still hesitate to call M.I.A.C.K. out on this for the word 'degree'. Kristen never said she got a 'degree' from HMI, she said she graduated. All this means is she finished a course/program. These are not the same things, though the accredidation process treats them exactly the same (the only difference is the degree has a LOT more material to certify). Technically, in this sense, M.I.A.C.K. was not wrong to the best of my knowledge, but that was not the claim Kristen made. At best, she would be a 'Certified Hypnotherapist', not someone with a hypnotherapy degree (terms matter), but again, she never made that claim.

    Oddly enough, she COULD be an actress and still have taken this course (I strongly doubt it...she kind of lost credibility with the 'paranormal psychology', though she never said where in the clip you provided, so even though my BS meter is bouncing off the table, I cannot even begin to verify THIS absurdity), but in the end do we REALLY watch these shows because we think they are going to bring something to light? Naw, I didn't think so...I'll take a good looking actress over some of the 'reality' folks I've seen. When I do watch these, I do so for entertainment (and sometimes it is just that, entertaining)....for whatever it's worth.

    So she's probably a fake added to up the eye candy for the 18-34 yo male TV viewers, so what? I found out pro wrestling was fake when I was ten...I got over it. ;-D
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  5. lance New Member

    Man that shit was fake. What 9 year old little girl is going to fallow a shadow in to the woods and just happens to end up in a sheltered cement box lame :rolleyes:
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  6. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    hahaha I couldn't agree with you more..! SyFy Ghost Hunting Shows are turning into the Fake Found Footage movies found in theatres..such a shame for the paranormal community.
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  7. uniqueannie New Member

    That's why I'm hooked on livescifi because I don't want to be entertained...I want REAL!
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  8. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    Thanks Annie it almost makes me wonder if the whole thing is scripted?
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  9. xcppsrj New Member

    What a shame...they created a "Scripted Reality" show! What a shame! After catching up on a few episodes suspicions were increasingly aroused as just too much was going on...and when that poor nine year old girl was obviously reciting lines about seeing a "shadow figure...solid color" and that her parents weren't PISSED that she ran off in the first place....Hmmmm...what's goung on here? Well...what happend was that I found you guys. Thanks for sharing my pain. Again though...what a shame. I will not watch any more episodes. Enuff said!
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  10. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Sad these shows do this really. Makes those of us that are trying to find the truth and have REAL experiences look like looney toons. I prefer the real stuff thanks. Hence why I love it here!
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  11. Haap New Member

    When I saw the cameraman stay on beard when the girl screamed, and the shot stayed solid, I knew. No one, when looking for a 9 yo lost girl, is gonna hold a camera shot steady when a scream breaks through.
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  12. tomjohansang New Member

    Hey Para Tim, not sure what kind of reporter you are but before you may want to get your facts straight. You seemed to be wrong about her credentials as a hypnotherapist and now you are also wrong about the Paranormal Psychology class at PSU. I should know I took it back in 2005 when it was still available probably around the same time kristen did. Here are two articles that talk about our professor.... "John Olmsted MA, Med. is an adjunct instructor in psychology at Portland State University in Portland Oregon where he teaches a course in paranormal psychology." Not sure you went to college but here's an fyi sometimes they discontinue a course. If you have actually listened to her on a radio interview she seems to know what she's talking about. She perked my interest because I'm from Portland and took that same course. Not sure about the acting stuff but she's obviously got an education and not many "actors" do.
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  13. uniqueannie New Member

  14. uniqueannie New Member

  15. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    Hey Tom even if there was 1 class in parapsychology I really don't think that it qualifies for her to say that she put specific emphasis on her education at PSU for that. Parapsychology classes in the US were mostly done away with in the 60's. As for getting accredited in hypnotherapy anyone can do that, ONLINE. Google it - I went to college at UCD, and I know fair well that when you put an emphasis on a particular area of study for a major or minor you need a lot more course work than just 1 class. :) cheers

    ps: to believe that Ghost Mine is not nonsense is ridiculous, do you think that SyFy would even budget out a show if they couldn't guarantee that certain aspects of the show would transpire.
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  16. tomjohansang New Member

    I never said Paranormal Psychology was the only class offered on the topic at PSU, there were others. Whether they were done away in the 60's doesnt pertain to your argument since obviously it was still being taught when I was there.
    I don't know how fake or real the show is, that's not my point. My point was that I think it's a pretty low blow for someone to put down another's education and work when they obviously know nothing about it. I am studying to get into graduate school to become a licensed psychologist and its tough. HMI the school she went to is the highest education you can get for hypnotherapy in America GOOGLE it online. I think its actually pretty cool to look at the paranormal thru anatomy of the brain and how it functions. I've never heard of an investigator using that perspective. I'd love to hear what other investigators do as their day jobs.
  17. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    Bottom line its not an accredited degree in the US I don't care where you take it - Google it...I don't think its a low blow to put down another's education and work if there going to make a youtube video on it. Parapsychology is not recognized course of study in the US, yes you can take courses in it however they cannot count towards ones degree work. How many she took is open to debate, however I'll assume its probably not that many

    Its unfortunate that people look to TV for answers in regards to the paranormal, to often times or not its those answers that are coming from the producers of the show not the investigators that they script for a show plot. Study of the paranormal thru the anatomy of the brain and how it functions is nothing new as seen in which was published in 2001.
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  18. tomjohansang New Member

    Um yeah Tim thought we already established the bottom line. She never said she had a degree in Hypnotherapy, she said she graduated. You are right you can not get a degree in Hypnotherapy and she never said she did. You can however graduate and receive a certification.
    Also, any course relating to Psychology while pursuing a Psychology Degree counts as credits and hours towards a Psychology Degree even if you choose to take it as an elective. You may not know this since you aren't a Psychology graduate. Like I said before I don't care if the show is real or fake. I honestly don't watch it to have better clarity into the supernatural. I just like the show. I am saying keep to talking about whats real and fake in the supernatural not the authenticity of someone's education when you know nothing about it.
  19. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    How can you put an emphasis on paranormal psychology if the classes don't exist. I'm sure PSU doesn't allow you to take classes that aren't recognized by the university or state. I think if anyone were to say that they focused a good amount of their education on a particular subject it would be easy to find the course work.

    I am glad you like the show, to each his own. And as they say you can lead a horse to water you can't force them to drink it.
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  20. tomjohansang New Member

    Once again since you must have not read it the first time "Here are two articles that talk about our professor.... "John Olmsted MA, Med. is an adjunct instructor in psychology at Portland State University in Portland Oregon where he teaches a course in paranormal psychology."" I guess you're saying I attended a make believe class with a make believe instructor and wrote a make believe paper. I can't argue with you about this're not even reading the facts.
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