Ghost Adventure This Friday 10-17

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by L.Gaunder, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    The Old season repeats at 8pm with that show on the goldfield where the brick flew threw the air.

    Then at 10PM their new show "Lockdown" starts.

    The show is on the Travel Channel.

    I believe these guys before GH or MH. They have ppl go over their evidence like Josh from DT does.
  2. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    Thank LG have it set to tape just in case life gets in the way
  3. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    Just a heads up, if you have comcast on In demand go to Top pics/ Haunted Places they have a preview of Ghost Adventures at Pen State, Pretty kool and Tim will give you insite on where to hit Hot spots when ya'll go.
  4. MelanieS

    MelanieS Residual

    I was just going to say, with Mediacom, I was able to watch this via Video On Demand. It's a great flick, but I don't think they get nearly the awesome evidence they got at the Goldfield.
  5. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    I watched this lastnite...They did Bobby Mackey's...interesrting place... They caught a shadow person and the Lead guy ,Nick I believe was his name, was provoking in the basement near the well to hell and got major scratches down his back.. worth checking out Tim? Or have ya been in the basement..I didn't get to watch the whole show.

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