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Discussion in 'Forums Support' started by chaianne, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. chaianne

    chaianne Residual

    Help please!! LOL I try to log into the forums and a page comes up for me to fill out for my profile and won't go past that page. The problem I'm having is, what does the page title and headline mean for my myspace page? I am sooooo computer illiterate and I have no clue what any of this means!! LOL Is the title my name and the headline the saying I have next to my profile picture? And too, the music player I have on my page doesn't work cause I've screwed that up by not knowing what I'm doing!! LOL Any help I can get with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    lol...the headline is supposed to a one sentence describing your - pennies and dimes, or pennys page..ur myspace url is usually ie
  3. chaianne

    chaianne Residual

    Wow, that was quick!!! LOL Thanks so much Tim. I put everything that I had on my myspace page on my profile here and hoping that I got it all right and, it worked!! LOL I'll go back and change the headline from what I have on my myspace page now that I know what it is. It takes me a little while to catch onto things!! LOL I'm kinda slow witted when it comes to these here computers. LOL

    Thanks again sweetie,
  4. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    glad I could be of service, let me know if you need anything else.

  5. I have poblems with the log in as well :? I have to log in twice every time just to get into the forums, anyone else having the same problem's :?: Also when I try to add a friend I can't even access there page :?
  6. BonnieD

    BonnieD Residual

    NAP.. Everytime I log in......I have to do it 2 times...It has been like that for me since I joined. I thought it was part of the security or something.

  7. same here bonnie and I thought the same thing :?
  8. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    nap try loggin in this way...
  9. I have done that tim, its happens mostly after i clean out temp files and cookies :? also I still can't get to peeps pages to add them as friends :?
  10. train

    train Poltergeist

    log in forums

    Used to happen to me way back, but have not had the problem now of having to log in twice in along time.. at the bottom of the forum page where you would log in check off the box to remember you, but if you go thru your mail first like msn or yahoo and click livescifi takes you to the forums but you have to sign in and sometimes twice..just a thought :)
  11. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    I have always had to log in twice, I have tried all of the above.
  12. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    try cleaning your really. :lol:

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